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a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes

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Although the Race, Hispanic Origin, and Ancestry questions had an option for "Left Blank" in the electronic system, the Preferred Language and Interpreter Services database fields did not have a "Left Blank" option in the drop-down menu of choices.
You could then place multiple database fields and formulas in that text object.
* Each help pane has a filename the same as the database field name (for example, "boilingpoint.html").
Elements of the new guide include NTIS Database field names and descriptions, NTIS subject category codes with scope notes, vendor-specific search commands and sample records, information on how to search Fedworld, and a helpful search hints section.
The export feature will create a spreadsheet file with each database field in a separate column in the spreadsheet file (each database record will be in a separate row).
Card additions are handled through a database field. "You can enter into the field a certain length of time you want that individual to use the card, and it automatically kicks them out of the system after that period of time," Castle explains.
With other publications and conferences in the database field, Learned Information staff and I share a focus and a faith in electronic databases and their future.
(A database field that cannot be searched is about as useful as a kickstand on a horse.) There ar times when you will want to search a long DESCRIPTION field.
The more highly capable products come with large base vocabularies and automatically incorporate the database field names in the domain-specific vocabulary.
LiteDAC offers a choice of Delphi field types that will correspond to a database field type.
James credits the early start ABI/Inform got in the business database field and its ability to change with the times with the service's longevity.
The one database field we do not print on the student listing is the "last semester needed" field.
Each main structure has specific database fields presented in the next figures.
The database fields had to be translated, converted, and mapped; the interface had to be designed for end users (not being professional information specialists); and the linking to the digital content had to be set up with SSO and IP identification.
Sensitive database fields are digitally signed to prevent manual tampering by a rogue database administrator employee," he said.
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