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Adding weekly database exercises to the laboratory manual: The librarians enhanced the laboratory manual for HSMP by adding descriptions and exercises for use of online journal databases subscribed to by the library.
By the time Pfeifer realized what was happening, hundreds of duplicate records were in the university's general database, with some students sporting three or four records.
29 percent decrease in complexity as measured by the number of steps needed for the same set of relational database management system (RDBMS) tasks
In summary, SAARMS is a stand-alone database program with certain inherent limitations caused by lack of full interoperability with all units involved in the budget process.
Routine backup and database maintenance processes take much less time.
Unisys has done the work to provide a total solution tuned to optimize the performance of large Windows-based database servers.
An inventory database could be the collection of information that reflects the holdings of the business, the movement of the inventory, the stock, or the vendors.
A single database file contains an accumulation of "records" within the database.
The most frequently recommended solution was a database.
For example, users often find it useful to be able to restrict a search rapidly on an A&I database to only those citations that are available in electronic format, or that represent materials held in printed form at a specific library; this would involve the use of an index rather than simply trying to compute and display a linkage to primary content as each record from the A&I database is displayed.
These tools can navigate all relationships in the data model, whether they are defined in the database or the application.
Because I don't have to cut my link with the database until I'm ready to publish, I can start setting up the pages months earlier.
The majority of IT security products such as firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems make an important contribution to IT security but do not prevent or expose fraudulent database activity and information theft -- which can be achieved through legitimate access.
One way to increase usage is to place a database on a network.