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Database solutions built on the ES7000 and Microsoft Windows Datacenter Server platform perform as well as or better, are easier to manage, and can deliver a lower total cost of ownership than Unix-based alternatives.
A consideration of KDD database design and cost is data quality.
The importance of understanding database software technology becomes readily apparent when one realizes that computer-based records tracking software, electronic mail systems, corporate financial applications, electronic document management systems (EDMS), and many other organizational information resources rely on database software.
Most spreadsheet packages include a few database functions, such as sorting, queries and limited statistical calculations.
Making data pretty The newer side of database publishing is the creation of specialized publications using existing databases.
Auditing your database security first by establishing key security baselines and then by monitoring the changes over time is a key ingredient to a successful security program," said Pete Lindstrom, Research Director at Spire Security.
Managing your database, hardware and application clustering configurations effectively, as well as carefully choosing the right clustering technique for each phase of the testing process, are key to designing efficient, effective testing strategies for relational database applications.
These technologies are all based on single database models which fit naturally with the union catalog environment.
To manage the data and eliminate duplicates, DePauw's IT department wrote programs that crawl the database every day, searching for matches based on different fields like address or phone number.
Oracle Database 10g ups the ante for database manageability and leaves competitors playing catch up," said Barry Cohen, CTO, Edison Group.
Answer these questions: Did you find more articles on "herbs of the week" in this database or in Agricola?
The challenges and opportunities for a rigorous toxicogenomics database are the capture, storage, and integration of a large volume of diverse data.
SAARMS is a database program developed using Microsoft Access.
Unique to database archiving, active archiving is a proven strategy that allows organizations to archive rarely accessed data from application databases and manage the data efficiently, while providing easy access to data on demand.
In this age of electronic information, hardly a scrap of data useful to accountants isn't recorded somewhere--most likely in an electronic database easily accessible by computer.