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(computer science) one of the circular magnetic paths on a magnetic disk that serve as a guide for writing and reading data

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At roughly 200 um tall with a repeating frame distance of 100 um, a single servo band can provide information necessary to position many data tracks.
The low performance reads and writes data tracks that are identical to those produced by higher performance Ultrium drives--it just does it more slowly.
The fund flow data tracks the amount of cash flowing in and out of thousands of ETFs and mutual funds monitored by EPFR world-wide, while the country weights data tracks fund managers' portfolio allocations at month-end across various emerging markets.
As new Census data tracked the growth of overall minority populations in the U.S., marketers scrambled to develop campaigns that would appeal to as diverse an audience as possible.
''All the data tracked recent trends, and no new moves appeared this month,'' the official said.
Data tracked by timeAGENT can be exported for use in another program.
Be Free will use its NCR solution to analyze the multiple terabytes of data tracked through the BFAST(SM) partner marketing programs and BSELECT(SM) site marketing programs supported by its online marketing platform.
Data tracked over the past two years and compiled in "Real Numbers Behind Net Profits" show the median e-commerce transaction at $300.
When we look at the best-selling 3,000 SKUs in PC Data's monthly channel statistics, it turns out that products with a $20-$49 street price are the most successful at getting shelf space (42%-47% median penetration of the 24 chains that PC Data tracks), while bargain products priced below $20 actually show up in fewer chains (21%-26% penetration).
2, nearly 13 percent below a record high in early June, data tracked by SteelHome consultancy showed.
factory data tracked estimates with 0.2% July nondurable increases for shipments and orders as well as inventories, alongside small revisions for durables that were upward on net, leaving a 0.8% July headline orders drop with a 0.2% ex-transportation increase.
The common method of creating servo-positioning tracks on the tape is to embed magnetic servo tracks between the data tracks on the recording surface, reducing the physical space available to write data.
At the same time, just 20 of these 312 SKUs generated 63% of Microsoft's sales through the retail outlets that PC Data tracks.
factory data tracked estimates with a 0.5% June nondurable increase for factory shipments and orders alongside a 0.4% rise in nondurable inventories, alongside few revisions in the durables data beyond downward tweaks to the equipment data, leaving an expected 0.4% June ex-transportation orders rise.
Tape media and cartridges have changed dramatically over the years, as improvements continue to be made across virtually every physical parameter of tape from the thickness of substrate and magnetic layers, size and density of magnetic particles, track width and number of data tracks, to the length and speed of the tape within a cartridge.