data system

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system consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization

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Hitachi Data Systems is committed to delivering the most advanced storage solutions, fully supported by our TrueNorth vision and strategy," said Dave Roberson, president and COO, Hitachi Data Systems.
Archivas joining forces with Hitachi Data Systems represents a formidable attack on the content management space," said Gary Voight, CEO of Archivas.
The combination of Hitachi HiCommand Suite Software and SANscreen provides Hitachi Data Systems a powerful solution for helping customers align storage infrastructure with application requirements.
Over the past year, customers have touted the many benefits of Pillar Data Systems - hyping costs savings of 40 to 50 percent on storage deployments.
The Truemark icon is like seeing the magazine cover in your email inbox," said Ravikumar Venkateswar, Email Services Manager of Hallmark Data Systems.
Recently, Pillar Data Systems announced an expanded version of its Axiom platform making it the most flexible, wide ranging storage system in the market today.
Cubist also enlisted Pillar Data Systems to assist with its exponential data growth and its centrally managed storage.
Working with Hitachi Data Systems GOLD channel partner CONPUTE, the boards will utilize the world-class remote replication capabilities of Hitachi Data Systems TrueCopy synchronous software running on Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) systems, FC to IP conversion and compression of the McDATA Eclipse 1620 SAN router, and the high speed connectivity of the OEMed Redline AN-50 backhaul wireless solution.
We welcome Bus-Tech to the Hitachi Data Systems ISV Partner Program," said Jack Domme, Executive Vice President, Global Solutions Strategy and Development at Hitachi Data Systems.
Last year we received top honors in four of the five categories," said Brenda Peffer, vice president of Global Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems.
Jack has demonstrated remarkable talent and laser focus to deliver innovative and market-changing solutions to our customers," said Dave Roberson, president and CEO, Hitachi Data Systems.
The Hitachi Data Systems Channel team has received worldwide recognition for its partner initiatives and field programs.
Our goal has always been to help companies simplify, consolidate and save on their storage investments," said Mike Workman, CEO and President, Pillar Data Systems.
As an integral component of Application Optimized Storage(TM) solutions from Hitachi Data Systems, the Universal Storage Platform provides the foundation for matching application requirements to different classes of storage.
Virtual Tape Library by Hitachi Data Systems is a new approach to optimized data back-up and protection made available through a global re-seller agreement with Diligent(TM) Technologies.