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a cylindrical tower used for storing silage

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military installation consisting of an underground structure where ballistic missiles can be stored and fired

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Here's what several higher ed institutions are doing to break down or connect data silos.
For each one of those data silo systems you use, you severely limit your ability to get a 360-degree view of your franchisees.
By implementing good data governance across your whole company, you can help to avoid data silos occurring.
Forward-looking healthcare leaders are laying out their informatics strategy now to ensure that they avoid the pitfalls of creating data silos and can fully leverage the value of genomics.
In addition, data silos add complexity and cost to protecting and
These unconnected and incompatible IT systems create data siloes and prevent data and insights from being discovered and actioned within organisations," he continued.
Currently, for businesses to get a full picture of travel patterns a travel manager might have to sift through data silos from travel agencies, cards, expense systems and suppliers for end-to-end visibility of spend and compliance across all travel subcategories, but this is usually undertaken in a historical view rather than in real time.
It reportedly eliminates data silos, reduces turnaround time for application processing, controls operational cost through streamlined customer on-boarding and improves customer experience through enhanced Straight Through Processing.
The Collibra Data Governance and Catalog solution breaks down traditional data silos and opens up organizational data so all "data citizens" can find the data they need, collaborate on it, and easily understand its meaning.
Although it's great to embrace the latest innovations, such as voice command or visual search, don't lose sight of the data silos that will inevitably follow.
He concludes there is a lot more inertia to work through, writing "the technology and data silos that have proliferated don't allow audience insights to be shared across channels, limiting the ability to build a single view of customers."
*Flawed implementation -- poor data quality, legacy systems that do not talk to new technologies, weak data governance and the inability to cut through data silos
The company's Technopedia solution categorizes and aligns technology asset data, allowing organizations to increase ROI from their software investments by reducing data silos, increasing collaboration and improving the decision-making process.
Disparate data silos must be integrated to reveal insights about the city as a whole.