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Both data controllers and data processors can be 100 percent liable for a violation of the GDPR, if both were involved in the relevant data processing.
They are those entities hired by the data controllers to process personal data on their behalf.For example, the French company hired by IEBC in the last general election to host our data in the cloud and provide the results transmission system acted as the data processors for the electoral commission.
With regard to processing by data processors, the Law requires data controllers to engage only data processors who provide sufficient guarantees regarding the application of technical and organisational measures.
Under GDPR, data processors must guarantee the same standards as controllers and ensure they meet the requirements of the law.
Thus, data controllers, or customers of data processors, should only choose processors that comply with the GDPR or risk penalties themselves, said.
The new application delivers a comprehensive solution that ensures contracts between data controllers and data processors meet Europe's strict new information security guidelines.
It converts digitised astronomical signals detected by SKA receivers (antennas & dipole ("rabbit-ear") arrays) into the vital information needed by the Science Data Processor to make detailed images of deep space astronomical phenomena that the SKA is observing.
Navy Data Processor 3 Pearly Panangui, Air Force Sgt.
A data processor for the UAE military forged the signature of the Chief of the Army and posed in the uniform of a captain in a bid to impress a potential investor, Dubai Court of First Instance has been told.
Suzanne Parry, of Runcorn, has joined as a data processor, and Thomas Roberts, also from Runcorn, is joining the print finishing department.
Sadia Rafique Project Assistant and Kinza Aslam Data Processor. This control room will work till November 15, 2010, the spokesman concluded.
As A Global Partner of Formula 1ao and A Technology Partner of Formula 1ao, LG acquires exclusive designations and marketing rights as the Official Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone and Data Processor of Formula 1ao."Formula Oneao represents the absolute peak of technological innovation and style, which is also our vision for the LG Electronics brand," said Dermot Boden, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of LG Electronics.
Sensis A-SMGCS utilises data from multiple surveillance sources, including Sensis Multistatic Dependent Surveillance (MDS) multilateration, Sensis SMRi X-band radar and Sensis VeeLo NextGen vehicle locator units, in order to deliver reliable and accurate data to the Sensis Multi-Sensor Data Processor (MSDP).
In a statement, the GTC said the disc had been sent by a contracted data processor to its offices in Victoria Square using Parcelforce's full tracking service, but did not arrive.
The GTC said the disk had been sent by a contracted data processor to the council's offices in Birmingham using Parcelforce's tracking service, but did not arrive when expected.