data mining

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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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Lately, with the adoption of data mining technology and proper business process renovation approaches, they can be addressed in a controlled and systematic manner.
One of the true ironies of the whole story is now we have far less transparency and far less oversight of data mining than we had a year ago," Dempsey said.
Data mining techniques have considerable potential in a variety of areas.
Domain experts, or those with expertise in their respective fields, must determine if information obtained through data mining holds value.
The NAG Data Mining Components are geared to help developers select the most appropriate modeling methods quickly and easily.
Many companies have been very successful using data warehousing and data mining to do many different things, such as selling and pricing better, cross-selling, reducing expenditures and improving customer service," said Jack Gohsler, senior vice president at Conning, a research and asset-management firm focusing on the insurance industry.
Features significant updates since the previous edition and updates you on best practices for using data mining methods and techniques for solving common business problems
Data mining can be a useful tool for the government.
CATs are complete, pre-built project outlines tailored to specific data mining applications that can produce significant, valuable results right out of the box.
There is no question that data mining can help a company do more than they ever realized with their data warehouse," says Michael Pelletier, a consultant with Pinnacle Decision Systems, a professional services and software development company in Middletown, Connecticut.
Clementine has led the data mining market for more than a decade, particularly among organizations looking to boost their CRM return on investment," Shearer said.
Decision Intelligence has established a competency around Pentaho Data Mining, to drive customer value through the use of advanced analytic techniques.
Evidence-Based Technical Analysis is a breakthrough book in that it rigorously applies the scientific method and recently developed statistical tests to determine the true effectiveness of trading strategies, rules or systems discovered by data mining.
ADS Generation - The Teradata Analytic Data Set (ADS) Generator is a flexible, open data-mining solution that streamlines the most time-consuming and critical steps of data mining - the preparation of data for analysis.