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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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Martinez, Yacef, Kay, Al-Qaraghuli, & Kharrufa (2011) used data mining techniques to analyze group interactions in collaborative educational context where they focus not only on the end product but on the process of the collaborative work itself.
of Nevada-Reno) introduces statistical data mining concepts, describes methods from sampling to decision trees, demonstrates the features of user-friendly data mining SAS tools, allows book users to download compiled data mining SAS macro files, and helps them perform complete data mining.
The problem of privacy-preserving data mining has become more imperative in recent times due of the increasing capability to store personal data about users, and the increasing sophistication of data mining algorithms to leverage this information.
Exciting knowledge discovery and research Tutorials and Exercises using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data mining tools through replication of actual original pay equity research by the author are included.
The acquisition strengthens Shore's data mining technology and unstructured data capabilities and expands its product offerings to the biotechnology and medical and research sectors.
Business Analytics and Data Mining Championship invited graduates and post-graduates from various colleges to participate in an exciting analytics challenge spread across three stages; Online Assessment, Problem Solving and Presentation.
Data mining is referred to the discovery of new and potentially valuable information from an extensive level of data and it has been employed in various fields.
The term "data mining" is used quite broadly in the IT industry.
In this study data mining is used to find relationships and rules, and the development trends of PV solar power generation management systems [7][5].
Cluster Analysis and Data Mining: An Introduction pairs a DVD of appendix references on clustering analysis using SPSS, SAS, and more with a discussion designed for training industry professionals and students, and assumes no prior familiarity in clustering or its larger world of data mining.
Graphet Data Mining has launched its new interactive website.
Data mining is a subfield of computer science; it is the practice and art of discerning patterns or useful information from large data sets.
With the development of data analysis and processing technique, organizations, industries and governments are increasingly publishing micro data (i.e., data that contain non aggregated information about individuals) for data mining purposes, studying disease outbreaks or economic patterns.