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The SECP further stated that in order to achieve the objective (of preventing trading data leakage), the Commission will engage the services of professionals/experts as deemed necessary and ensure fair and early disposal of this investigation.
This version includes a detailed description of the data leakage prevention and a security analysis.
In today's environment data leakage is an inevitable phenomenon and it is a critical work for the data owners to secure their information and prevent their information from leakage.
While the growth of bring your own collaboration will lead to greater and more pervasive workplace data leakage and privacy risks, financial institutions may be able to mitigate data extrusion through encryption, usage controls and content filtering.
Now consider the threat of "data leakage," the unauthorized removal of sensitive corporate information, usually by deliberate employee actions or security lapses that allow unauthorized access to data.
"VTech indicated that they would notify the PCPD formally about this data leakage incident which involved data of 5 million customer accounts and related kids' profiles worldwide," Stephen Wong, privacy commissioner at the PCPD, ( said in a statement Tuesday.
The Cloud Email Security Service will be the "ideal solution" for enterprises looking to protect valuable data content, prevent data leakage, keep internal IT infrastructure safe, and have a cost-efficient solution based on a monthly fee.
In fact, 35 percent of organizations experienced corporate data leakage in 2014 as a result of employees sharing files via often-unsanctioned FSS services (a four percent increase from 2013).
Sharing findings from its 2014 Global Data Leakage report, InfoWatch
Their topics include algorithms, logistic regression, time stamps and financial modeling, visualizing data and detecting fraud, social networks and data journalism, epidemiology, and data leakage and model evaluation.
Unintentional data leakage is mainly caused by insiders who may not be aware of the risks.
Websense also said that 51% of enterprise data leakage is caused by mobile devices.
India, June 18 -- Most CISOs across India pay more attention towards securing their organisation from external threats, however, over the years, reports have continued to reveal that the first-point of breach or data leakage in most security incidences have occurred from within the organisation.
SEOUL -- South Korea's financial regulator said Wednesday that it will slap punitive penalties to financial companies for future client data leakage after the incident that personal information of almost all adults in the country was stolen from three credit card issuers.
The beauty of DLP is that it not only provides data leakage protection and it is only a side-effect.