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an arrangement of data consisting of sets and subsets such that every subset of a set is of lower rank than the set

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In addition, data hierarchy is used to manage the data in a hierarchical form because the record is always a collection of related fields [5][21].
After identifying the appropriate APS source database (the Army War Reserve Deployment System), dummy APS performance metrics and readiness data were entered in the ASC SMS data hierarchy.
Pertinent Data: The Criterion line's capabilities include: data collection for SPC; static, dynamic and profile measurement methods; simultaneous product and process orientation through multi-level data hierarchy and more.
Invoice Harbor also supports a unique data hierarchy model that delivers comprehensive statement-to-invoice integration, automatically distributing individual invoices to the appropriate resources across the buying organization for approvals.
These features include a data hierarchy capability that enables drill-down analysis on Hadoop data, and an extension to Sparks data source application program interface (API) that improves distributed query efficiency from Spark to SAP HANA.
The chief goals of the study were, first, to define GM categories within a data hierarchy that can be broadly adopted by retailers and suppliers, and secondly, to measure GM performance in a more consistent manner than has been possible heretofore and create meaningful competitive benchmarks.
Humana also utilized Dialogue to create a flexible data hierarchy and dynamic messaging process, establishing multiple qualifiers to add personalized, relevant messages on the statements, and tracking to measure their effectiveness.
Rachel created a scorecard which aligns department strategies with quantitative strategies and quantitative success measures for monitoring continuous improvement; established global data hierarchy infrastructure across all Florida locations so that quality and safety metrics can be compared and trended; and has developed systems and processes to leverage technology to enhance safety and quality while reducing cost.
Retaining mask data hierarchy as long as possible has proven to be the best way to reduce cycle times and costs while also allowing us a more efficient operation of our current production equipment," said Craig Kokjohn, executive vice president of Worldwide Operations, DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
The SectorBase company research platform and the SectorEngine real-time market data application are powered by the Sector Data Hierarchy, a patented taxonomy - based on actual products and services - that provides the most detailed, accurate, and up-to-date classification available for publicly traded companies in high-growth industries: healthcare, technology, media, and finance.
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