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a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together

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1) The premise of comparing the above three data file transmission modes is to transmit the file with the same data size.
In addition to doing a thorough review of your institution's data file, a consultant should request "off-the-shelf materials.
The volume of data generated by the screening device to rapidly quantify the damage will quickly overwhelm any traditional attempts to deal with the data files.
HITS also maintains a separate data file for gang-related crimes.
Prepare data file backups on floppy disks at least as frequently as data are changed.
If the source PC has been configured with applications and data files in addition to the operating system, then the image file will include both the operating system and its associated applications and data files.
The site contains a collection of information resources including sample data files and free software tools, such as the Data File Converter which enables users to export data from the .
Aetna members will now be able to download their claims information to their personal computer via Aetna Navigator, Aetna's password-protected member website, enabling them to manage the information in a data file or spreadsheet.
JPEG 2000 is a wavelet based image compression standard that provides the ability to include XML data for description of the image within the JPEG 2000 data file.
The purpose of the Data Exchange Solution is to enable the DCS to receive, load and verify single customer view data files (SCV data files), deferred files (DEF data files) and associated reports from credit institutions (banks).
Losing vital data files can be devastating, resulting in extra man hours, extra money spent and decreased employee productivity.
Because the service technician utilizing the software can view remotely the necessary files at the user's plant, the technician is able to evaluate and even replace corrupted programs or data files while connected over the internet.
However, that not only permanently erases all data files, it removes all applications, to--and I assume you want to retain the applications so the volunteer organization that gets your computer won't have to reinstall them.
With PolyServe, customers can store Oracle data files on a raw partition managed by ASM and still reap the benefits of a shared Oracle home for superior management and roll-through upgrades.
Data files must be sufficiently standardized to enable those other than the record's creator to view its content.