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a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together

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In last month's Technology Q&A item "Syncing Settings and Data on Multiple Windows 10 PCs,", we discussed the process of syncing your Windows 10 computers using OneDrive so that all your computers automatically share the same settings and data files. This month we dive a bit deeper by exploring eight facets of OneDrive.
Data Dynamics is a leader in intelligent data file management solutions that is critical for true business transformation in hybrid, cloud and object-based storage infrastructures.
Thus, the storage cost of storing the data file set F in time t is the sum of the storage cost of each data file [f.sub.i] in the cloud storage system, which can be formulated as follows:
The plane's Flight Data Recorder was repaired in laboratories belonging to France's BEA aircraft accident investigation agency late on Monday and the data files transferred to Egypt on Tuesday, Egyptian investigators said.
(1) The premise of comparing the above three data file transmission modes is to transmit the file with the same data size.
The WVCR data file served as the 'case source file' for all data linkages; records from the WVCR data file were linked individually by patient identifiers with records in other data files.
Data files grow as the result of inserting new data into the database.
Without an understanding of need analysis, federal and state programs, alternative awarding approaches, and financial aid processes, consultants can fail to recognize inaccuracies in a data file, recommend packaging strategies that don't take full advantage of external aid resources, or develop recommendations that are extremely difficult to implement.
According to the company, Online Backup from BellSouth enables small business customers to select the data files they wish to protect and send them securely to a remote server where they are encrypted and automatically updated daily.
We now have the intercept and the slope for the first student in our data file. We are going to build a data file that will contain the intercept and slope for each of our students.
This data file user's manual provides documentation and guidance for users of the public-use data of the 1999-2000 SASS.
All measurement results are logged to a data file that can be accessed by Ethernet.
Upgrades include an integrated spreadsheet, new staff data fields and the ability to attach course documents and photos to staff and presenter records, customize database queries, and open and edit an external data file directly in the import window.
By monitoring and providing input to the proprietary platform languages, the master control program can direct the format, name and location of the generated data file. To indicate when the proprietary program has completed the data acquisition and is ready for the next sample, the visual basic program monitors the CPU usage.