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a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together

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Aetna members will now be able to download their claims information to their personal computer via Aetna Navigator, Aetna's password-protected member website, enabling them to manage the information in a data file or spreadsheet.
Prepare data file backups on floppy disks at least as frequently as data are changed.
The site contains a collection of information resources including sample data files and free software tools, such as the Data File Converter which enables users to export data from the .
If the source PC has been configured with applications and data files in addition to the operating system, then the image file will include both the operating system and its associated applications and data files.
By monitoring and providing input to the proprietary platform languages, the master control program can direct the format, name and location of the generated data file.
The HITS sexual assault data file maintains victim, offender, and M.
Microsoft will assist Sony to develop MD DATA file systems for Microsoft's Windows and future operating systems (e.
All of these files -- the data file, the index file, the memo field file, and the image file -- can be managed through one DBMS software.
It monitors the various DC power sources inside the PC, and records their values in a data file on its hard disk.
According to the court's order, Multi-Tech claims "that if a computer user's modem is set to recognize the (TIES) escape sequence, Hayes' data file (contained in the Test Kit) will cause the modem to escape into command mode, the transmission of the data file will stop and the computer user will think that the modem is fatally flawed.
EDITOR'S NOTE: (a) Technical Note: The TIES Identification File is not intended to represent a data file which may occur in a user's data.
Single-thread data file transmission only has and uses a thread transmission data.
Although pulling together a data file including both admissions and financial aid information may not be easy if you have never analyzed financial aid strategies before, beware of any consultant who doesn't ask for one.