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(computer science) the encryption of data for security purposes

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In addition to offering the industry's broadest support for big data encryption, Gemalto also gives enterprises the flexibility to secure big data according to the specifics of their configurations at the application, file, database, and disk or even block levels.
Swiss-based encryption company Adeya announced on Thursday the launch of its new data encryption solution for BlackBerry smartphones.
Our observations suggest that organisations of all sizes - and not just SMBs - can overlook aspects of their data encryption needs for cloud data, as they focus on the cost savings that accrue from cloud migration.
Data encryption may be one means of enforcing the policies--for example, rules about what information employees are allowed to access and share, and how they are allowed to use USB thumb drives and other removable media.
In 1977 the Data Encryption Standard (DES and later Triple DES) was adopted in the United States as the first federal standard.
In the past, companies considered data encryption of backup tapes to be too costly and technologically challenging.
Computing security expert, "Unlike common security solutions available today that implement one of the publicly available open key encryption algorithms PassMonster uses coupled 128 bit and 256 bit data encryption making it almost impossible to use so called 'smart hacks' involving math formulae to break into encrypted data.
Data encryption software is useful only if employees encode files each time they are used.
The same applies to Jetico, now proudly kicking off the holiday season with a special offer on BestCrypt and BCWipe, their solutions for data encryption (https://www.
Securing Microsoft's database in cloud infrastructures with its Porticor Virtual Private Data (VPD), a major cloud data security company that provides the only cloud-based data encryption and key management solution that puts trust into the cloud keeping cloud data confidential, PorticorA, has announced its support for Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-May 16, 2011-Laplink introduces PC Lock data encryption software(C)1995-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), a UK-based provider of software copyright protection and data encryption products, has released its new DESlock+ Enterprise Server, the company announced on Friday.
The risk has reached a level that data encryption is being implemented for stored data in addition to the traditional use of encrypting data in transit.
The study, released 23 December 2003, describes PC Guardian as the leading "challenger" in a crowded field of data encryption software solutions, ahead of solutions developed by numerous other firms, including IBM and Microsoft.
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