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As the central hub for Ayala's data experts, Data Base can help unify the group in optimizing its businesses, as digitization progressed in different ways and at different rates across the business unit, Zobel said.
Hackers have breached the data base of the military, exposing almost 20,000 soldiers whose information, injuries, and missions were in the file.
There are numerous advantages to both the executives that elect to be in the data base and the companies that subscribe to TWOGIE.
Data Base Products has been supplying US commercial airline data since 1987.
Rawalpindi police has initiated the process of evolving data base of Afghan national living in Rawalpindi whereby the details of all the areas wherein Afghan nationals are settled is being collected.
The merger of the two separate data bases were merged while the relevant bills have been approved in just eight months.
The new data base register of disabled persons in Bulgaria will be funded under the EU Human Resource Development Program and the European Social Fund, Labor Minister Totyu Mladenov explained.
In this typical process we will be able to search the data from a distributed data base system.
Riyadh's Chamber of Commerce and Industry has prepared a data base on the industrial sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It provides improved operations, increased navigation data base size for storage of a worldwide size data base with 95% spare memory for growth and supports the APB Blended Winglet installation on all 737 Class and Next-Generation aircraft.
For example, IBS has developed a new prospect data base within the recently completed browser-enabled version of our system.
The Cup of Excellence unveiled new membership benefits and an upgrade to its website which includes a comprehensive data base search feature.
life of a cutting tool (the [V.sub.30] Value) based on a (cutting) tool life data base for each grade of cast iron.
The new arrangement "enables [the Education Department] to confirm the registration status of applicants" for various forms of federal financial assistance and requires the Department "to conduct data base matches with the Selective Service System, using common demographic data elements," to enforce federal draft registration requirements.
On the horseracing case, it noted that only a small part of the data base was extracted and re-used without permission, which does not seriously prejudice the investment made by BHB.