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despicable cowardice

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He reveals to the Queen the real reason for his dastardliness: unrequited love.
As with the very best fantasy flicks (see The Dark Knight, Superman II or last month's Iron Man 3), the appeal lies in the sheer dastardliness of its villain, with Britain's Benedict Cumberbatch exuding a cold menace that steals the movie.
Being able to wield a weapon deftly and confidently is a sure sign of courage, leading to "fame" for a courtier, although dastardliness with the weapon results in "reproche" and "shame." Ferdinand's ready ability with a sword, then, marks his virtue for good or ill.
"It is, therefore, not a story about 'Iranian dastardliness,' the evidence from Dura shows the universal horror of war.
Those pushing the show--which, like the book, follows a complicated plot that does not shy away from the unsavory dastardliness of its villains--must try to warn away children who may be too young for the subject matter while avoiding the overemphasis of the tale's darker elements.