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any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

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orygis, and the dassie bacillus (2,11); isolates were therefore analyzed for the presence or absence of [RD1.sup.das], a genetic marker specific for the dassie bacillus (5).
We genetically characterized the causative pathogen of meerkat TB as a novel MTC strain that has several genetic features typical of the dassie bacillus and M.
orygis and the dassie bacillus, which have been isolated from animals mainly originating from this continent and the Middle East (2,4,5).
Tail spin...a whale plunges back into the waters off the coast of South Africa; Bars and restaurants lining the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in trendy Cape Town; gRock dassie & Hermanus's colourful houses; Radisson Waterfront; Impressive rainbow over the Victoria Falls; Rovos Rail's Pride of Africa stea'ms out of town
Hy noem dan voorbeelde van visse soos kabeljou en snoek, voels soos fisante en vinke, soogdiere soos jakkalse, dassies en seekoeie, plante soos preie en borne soos sipresse en boekenhout (Scholtz, 1974:16-21).
and you'll love the rock dassies, little hamster-like creatures that scurry around among the rocks.
Die hoe berge is 'n tuiste vir die klipbokke, die rotse is 'n skuilplek vir die dassies. 13.
"Because of the high density of orchids we didn't see many flies visiting the flowers, but on the nearby dassie carcass we caught a lot of flies carrying orchid pollen, providing ample 'smoking gun' evidence of how common this interaction was.
"However, we found that not every species of carrion fly at the dassie carcass had orchid pollen on it.
Sides reversed is," Dad said-- Did stung Nita go red!--"'Dassie gall--it's, sis, ill in a tad!'"
"Dad's" greatest weakness may reside in its phrase "dassie gall," which asks the reader to accept the premise that South African hyraxes--dassies--are notorious for their insolence, which might in fact not actually be the case.