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a loose and brightly colored African shirt


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This trend was particularly apparent in the style of several Lords, including Yoruba Guzman, who wore a Malcolm X look, Afro, as well as an occasional dashiki. In addition, while the Young Lords remained a Puerto Rican majority organization, black style signaled its openness to incorporate other groups and communicated their desire to work on behalf of the "people" rather than narrowly defined communities.
You can't take my hat!" In South Africa we got a couple of dashikis, those African tops.
Current runway incarnations are far less literal and certainly more sophisticated than the fringed shawls, Hopi coats, dashikis and Mexican wedding dresses that were staples of the hippie wardrobe or, for that matter, a student gap year.
Osa was a playwright, actor, story-teller and dancer who was a familiar and popular figure about town, always attracting attention whether he wore traditional robes, colourful dashikis (tunics), his trademark cap or a suit with bow tie.
Walking into a room and seeing rows of black men and women with big Afros, dressed in dashikis and bubbas, sitting on the floor, listening to drummers, feasting on traditional soul food dishes like chicken and potato salad (though there was a heavy emphasis on fruits and natural items), vibing to the poets from Spirit House, and inspired by the intellect of Baraka was certainly not part of the usual holiday tradition in Newark.
"Black is beautiful" Black people dressed in dashikis or in shirts with images of Africa emblazoned on them.
What is worse is that the inexorable movement of capital would push them to turn their politics into products, their global revolutionary sensibility into dashikis and other African-chic clothing, instead of revolution.
Disappointed by the lack of African designers represented in New York Fashion Week and unsatisfied with the stereotypical images of African fashion that persist within the global fashion industry, such as tribal prints, head wraps, kente cloths, and dashikis, Disu decided to launch her own showcase.
American Black Power activists found brethren in the Caribbean and elsewhere, and the pride and consciousness of persons of African descent in the United States manifested symbolically in the form of dashikis, Afro-hairstyles, and clenched fists.
Joseph, "Dashikis and Democracy: Black Studies, Student Activism, and the Black Power Movement," in "The History of Black Student Activism," ed.
The dim, narrow lobby was crowded with bodies, mostly men in dashikis and pillbox hats, kofias, talking in clumps or navigating their way through the crowd.
However, in the late 1960s when black pride was in the ascendancy--a development reflected in the growing popularity of afros, dashikis, cornrows, the proliferation of Black Studies programs, and in the very term "Black Is Beautiful"--many African Americans found Mailer's words particularly offensive.
[that] included a blonde and a bottle of white wine." In this single phrase, Kimber dismisses the "rediscovery" of Africa by young African Canadians--as reflected in the adoption of Afro hairstyles and dashikis, and in some cases in the rejection of Euro-Christian names--and the inspiration they took from this enriched identity.
Scenes of Ghanaians dressed in basketball jerseys, African-born Rastafarians speaking with Jamaican accents, and African Americans dressed in dashikis drive his point home: While those from the Diaspora traveled to Africa, "in their eyes, a land of enduring wisdoms ...