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edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants

herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves

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Una vez emitidas las primeras hojas se procedio a realizar el analisis de diagnostico mediante la metodologia de Inmunoensayo ligado a enzima a partir del kit DAS ELISA for Dasheen Mosaic Virus, comercializado por la compania AGDIA (2002) para la certificacion de materiales libres del DMV (Hernandez et al., 2000).
esculenta (L.) Schott English names: Cocoyam, Dasheen, Eddo, Elephant's ear, Taro, Taro potato 6 Typhonium trilobatum (L.) Schott syn.
18 will highlight the islandOs indigenous foods including dasheen, a starchy tuber that turns varying shades of blue when cooked.
Beef gone up, Dasheen leaf gone up Chicken wing gone up...
Evaluated Land-use Groups Land-use Group Crops/Land Uses Included Pineapples Pineapples Field Crops Dasheen, cassava, sweet potato, yam Fruit Tree Crops Sugar apple, custard apple, carambola, guava, Indian jujube, wax apple Vegetable Crops Onions, peanuts, cucumber, tomato, sweet/hot pepper, string beans Pasture/Grass Crops Grass for feeding livestock (e.g., guinea grass) or sugarcane Livestock Production Beef, pork, or mutton (goats and sheep) Table 3.
The West Indian-inspired callaloo--a creamy blend of dasheen leaves, crab, okra, coconut milk, herbs and spices--is considered the national dish and is often served at Sunday lunch.
Seeking Washing Machine for Tubers (eddoe, cassava, dasheen) model LT 2007.
Jacques needs little prompting to extol the benefits of river crayfish, crabs, cassava, dasheen (also known as taro root) and tannias (a tropical root plant).
And when it comes to the evening meal, why not ring the changes and swop roast potatoes for roast yam, swede for dasheen and cabbage for saag and enjoy a meal with a real Afro Caribbean twist?
Any of the following are well worth a second look: Taro root (eddoe, dasheen) is an earthy coloured corm that produces large majestic leaves.
Another virus, Dasheen Mosaic Virus (DMV), is common worldwide among cultivated aroids (Zettler and Hartman 1986), is transmitted by aphids, and is not restricted to taro as a host.
Brown, shaggy, barrel shaped, and circled with distinct rings, the taro (dasheen) is extremely versatile and therefore, popular in the Caribbean and Latin America.