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a circular board of wood or cork used as the target in the game of darts


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[USPRwire, Tue Aug 20 2019] DARTBOARD MARKET INTRODUCTION A dart is used mainly in throwing sports, precision sports, indoor sports, pub games and gambling games.
He also saw a dartboard with pictures of Muslim people upon it, and Mr Glynn said he had a dartboard of 'people I hate'."
MY dartboard. The best part of touring is the time you are on stage and the worst part of touring is the time waiting around to go on stage.
The idea has been seen as a big hit by the FA - and they plan to sell the dartboard to the highest bidder in aid of one of their charities later this summer.
The idea is seen as a big success by the FA - and they plan to auction the dartboard once the tournament is over.
Blindfoldeded with an eye mask, Lee then threw the knife at the dartboard, skillfully pinning Dec's chosen card.
The front bar is small and staunchly traditional while the larger rear bar, with its own servery and leather seating, houses a dartboard at the far end.
The backside has a dartboard for shooting games like Cricket or 501.
- Oche - the line behind which a player must stand when throwing - measured a specific distance from the dartboard.
EIGHT dames of the dartboard notched up PS350 in a marathon match played at the Victory Club in Marton Road, Middlesbrough in December 1982.
A SPIT AND SAWDUST PUB Jukebox on in the corner a group of lads playing pool arrows being thrown at a dartboard a couple of drunks acting the fool.
Which number on the dartboard is flanked by of 969?
ITV has been rapped by the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom for failing to protect children from a show which saw contestants enter spinning washing machines, eat glass, and turn into a human dartboard.