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a circular board of wood or cork used as the target in the game of darts


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The vote on appointees also followed the Dallas City Council's decision in May to remove Carrizales, the DART board's former vice chair.
"It was a great surprise when at Christmas I got a free-standing dart board which I can take down or move around when I need to so I'm over the moon with that.
"When I was younger every kid got a dart board for Christmas.
Most of the students in Gina Simpson's fifth-grade, Kathy Pickett's fourth-grade, and Amy Benedict's sixth-grade classes were able to show that the given dart board would allow all the scores from 0 to 9 (fig.
For example, in a dart board the color wheel can go in several directions therefore using complementary colors in this lesson.
Obviously, using a dart board to determine income allocations is arbitrary and capricious despite the fact that a later analysis suggests that the throw of the dart fortuitously picked the right number.
They shouldn't have too much trouble tempting people back to the game - the report shows that 56% of the Welsh are nostalgic for the sport and would play if they had the chance, and their local pub reinstalled a dart board.
The demand came from councillor John Clancy, a member of the planning committee, who last year launched a campaign to boost the number of dart boards in pubs.
On a standard dart board, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with a single dart?
Plasticine proved to be an unpopular choice but in the '30s in conjunction with Kent pub landlord Frank Dabbs, a dart board made with tightly-bound bristle was designed.
AC MILAN hope to lure Fabrizio Ravanelli back to Italy - with a dart board.
In Quinton, the ward he represents, Coun Clancy said he had been forced to move from pub to pub as they were refurbished, only to re-open minus a dart board, or turned into flats.
DARTS fanatic John Carberry is leaving life the way he spent it - facing a dart board.
FEWER pub-goers now want to play traditional games such as darts and bar billiards, said research published yesterday, The number of pubs with a dart board or billiard table is now in ``grave decline'', the authors of The Good Pub Guide said.
Nigel Barker, landlord of The Wellington in Bennetts Hill, which is possibly the only city centre bar with a dart board, believes it is a benefit to his pub.