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Synonyms for dart

Synonyms for dart

Synonyms for dart

a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot

a tapered tuck made in dressmaking

Related Words

a sudden quick movement


move along rapidly and lightly

move with sudden speed

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Over the years, one of the major challenges faced by millions of lovers of darts across the globe is the inaccessibility to quality darts products to allow them to enjoy their favorite games.
The updated DART model features small hydrazine thrusters and the ability to utilize Evolutionary Xenon Thruster Commercial (NEXT-C) ion engine, an electric prolusion system designed by NASA.
Angara said that while darts is considered a favorite past time of those drinking liquors, its importance should be elevated in the country's sports community.
"This is a huge loss to the sporting world and the world of darts. He is a legendary character."
* If moving the dart into the side seam, draw a line through the dart center, extending 1 to 11/2" beyond the dart end point (3).
The hunter simply holds down a frog with a stick and rubs a dart across its back.
They then defeated the former champions, the highly-fancied Filipinos Darts Team, 6-5 in the grand final.
The keen darts player, who is married to the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips, revealed he has had plenty of practice.
Under its terms, shareholders of Singapore-headquartered Dart were entitled to receive 0.08117 IGas shares for each of their units, equivalent to AUD0.19 per Dart share.
Dart shareholders will receive 0.08117 IGas shares for each share owned, equivalent to AUD0.19 a Dart share, IGas earlier announced.
It will be available in four trim levels, Dart SXT, Dart Rallye, Dart Limited and Dart R/T.
3 -- Google hopes to make Dart one of the official languages of the web; but before that is feasible it will need some fluent "speakers" first.
Brisbane, Australia, Aug 25, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Dart Energy Limited (ASX:DTE) will undertake a substantial restructure, including a proposed listing of its international portfolio of coal bed methane ("CBM") assets on the Singapore Stock Exchange, to provide a platform for future growth and to unlock shareholder value.
28 -- Global coal seam gas company Dart Energy Limited (ASX:DTE) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire the 90% of Composite Energy Limited ("Composite") that it does not already own for approximately US$46.7 million.
Dart facilities also use recycled-content materials and environmentally-friendly products whenever possible.