darning needle

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a long needle with an eye large enough for heavy darning or embroidery thread

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slender-bodied non-stinging insect having iridescent wings that are outspread at rest

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In the US, children who lie or swear are warned the Devil's Darning Needle will stitch up their mouths.
A case of self introduction of a darning needle in urethra of a 12 year old boy for suicidal purpose is not previously reported and hence exclusive.
YOU WILL NEED: 200g bag of popcorn 100g bag of dried cranberries (costs around PS1.80) Yarn or strong cotton (doubled up) Darning needle This should be enough to create at least three 1m garlands WHAT TO DO: Step one: Prepare the materials.
What insect can also be known as the Devil's Darning Needle? 9.
He has some fascinating stuff in there, including a fine collection of Robinsons golliwogs, nice old books and more china thimbles than you could shake a darning needle at.
Notice the sophisticated alliteration: "darning needle, dancer, / meadow hawk or glider." The final couplet switches from a four-beat line to five, adding surprise to the equation: "water naiad, threadtail, // sylph or sprite or penny nail."
When I was a kid, pomegranates were the only fruit you had to break into your mother's sewing kid for a darning needle in order to eat.
Turn in the sock's edge and, with the cotton yarn and darning needle, do a running stitch around the opening.
YOU don't have to be the sharpest darning needle in the box to be a TV lifestyle guru.
Thread a darning needle with copper wire, tying a large knot at one end and start carefully adding the leaves.
Using a large darning needle and a length of simulated sinew, sew this row of feathers in place around the disc, threading through the small holes you drilled as shown in Figure 3.
I wonder how Derek Thompson's foot is progressing after that unfortunate incident with the darning needle? I can scarcely contain my relief that he appears not to have developed lockjaw!
I had a girlfriend once who got me to do hers with a darning needle and two pieces of ginger,' he offered.
(Later, as I need to add to the strips while braiding, I sew the ends with a darning needle and #8 thread.)
Once upon a time there was a darning needle who was so full of airs and