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the act of mending a hole in a garment with crossing threads

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With cloth made so painstakingly, darning also features often in the books, especially as a winter activity.
Responding to a question, Ahmed said that darning was a skill akin to painting or making handicrafts to ensure that a patch merges seamlessly into the apparel by not making itself apparent while effectively covering the tear.
And a cartoon character called Mrs Sew and Sew gave handy tips on turning collars, darning socks, fixing moth holes and even making undies out of off-ration "butter muslin".
rind, rigged, ridge, ride, rending, rend, redan, reading, read, ranged, rained, raid, ragged, raged, niggard, nerd, nagged, nadir, idea, grinned, grind, grid, grand, grained, grading, grade, grad, gird, garden, gander, gained, ending, edging, dreg, drain, drag, dirge, dire, dinner, ding, diner, dine, digger, deign, dear, dean, darning, darn, daring, dare, danger, dang, dagger, arid, aired, aide, aged, GARDENING SOLUTION: YESTERDAY'S
MEND IT BETTER; CREATIVE PATCHING, DARNING, AND STITCHING comes from a popular craft blogger whose website Craft Leftovers has over 30,000 readers.
But here are the instructions and the equipment you'd need is a darning needle, thread, scissors and lightbulb.
I wouldn't place darning at the top of my list of favorite activities.
AS AN amateur detective, I'm deeply intrigued by the extraordinary tale of the darning needle that passed through Derek Thompson's foot, and of the dedication to duty (as well as to the fee involved) that persuaded him to drive across country for a commentating gig at Sedgefield with the offending item still unwithdrawn.
It is, says Couvelas, 'a thread darning the hole caused by the excavation', and, in the darning, the pattern of the old weave of the city has been brought to the surface to take part in the modern tapestry.
Liu Zhu Xu Darning Pu Cunxin Erming Jiang Wu Lin Li Ding Wu Feng Shun He Zheng He Bing Miao Zhuang Du Peng Wang Fang Sui Yongqing Zhang Jinhao Hu Beibei With: Jin Zhao, Yang Zichun, Fang Zheng, Liu Xiyuan, Miao Defa, Qiao Fengwei.
Darning the toe with cotton thread is a better choice than using sticky tape.
The aim of the study was to evaluate the polypropylene darning method in the treatment of primary inguinal hernia in men, assessing complication, postoperative pain, return to normal activities and early recurrence.