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(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people

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He had understood then something of what the slave dealer, Wilson, might have meant when he talked of the darky's 'devil eyes' her 'devil's stare'" (Williams 1999: 20).
ASUS exclusive overclockers, Shatul aka Toolius who is amongst the top 25 overclockers in the world along with Amey aka Darky, a veteran in the overclocking scenario achieved this feat by using the Asus Z10PE-D8 and ASUS Geforce GT610 WS along with Intel Xeon CPU's, Memory, SSD, PSU and Water cooling.
10.18 (450m): Witton Galileo, Tullymurry Darky, Phat Tomahawk, Swift Trott (M), Auntie Joan (M), Mill Gretchen (W).
The premiership-winning coach, who made a successful transition to the media, was reportedly alleged to have used the term 'old darky' during the call of the recent Sydney Roosters-Canterbury match, but Ryan has made no apologies for the remark that effectively cut short a career spanning more than two decades at the station.
His darky was clearly not representative of them and their worlds" (180).
Mainly because of their now astonishingly politically incorrectly named dog Darky.
This musical celebration of antebellum Southern plantation culture, mounted in Brooklyn with 500 performers, was a valentine to (as a contemporary New York Times article put it the "fun-loving darky of old slavery days."
The film retold the stories of the Old Testament as conceived by children in a Southern Sunday school, and that accounts for the deliberately ludicrous portrayals of some characters with their cotton-candy beards, and "darky" stereotypes run rampant.
I'll vow, why is it every darky I hire has to slouch and shuffle as if I had all the time in the world?"
Peacefully in hospital on Monday 19th April, aged 78 years, Sylvia (nee Morton), beloved wife of the late Darky, a much loved mam of David, Carol and Alan, dear mother in law of Janet, Arthur and Ann, also a devoted nanna of all the family.
Tommy explained: "There were about 90 huskies at our base, but my favourite was a lead dog called Darky.
Hardly any British writer showed a degree of sympathy with other races, especially the Black one: the "happy darky" amused Thackeray; Dickens mocked the victims of slavery; Trollope believed the Black race to be inferior; and Kipling saw them as "savages, neither more nor less." Moreover, Britain became the major supplier of slaves to the colonies and a great beneficiary of the slave trade.
The Last "Darky": Bert Williams, Black-on-Black Minstrelsy, and the African Diaspora.
The Last "Darky" presents a series of theoretical explorations of the New Negro movement(s), followed by close readings of the Walker-Williams production In Dahomey and the writings of (arguably Williams-influenced) Jamaican novelist and poet Claude McKay.