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(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people

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Grateful wife Jean, 74, said: "The fact Arthur is making such a miraculous recovery is due to Darky and those who stopped to help.
Angling for her affection, Slob Coon challenges Darky Dan to a fight.
No more drinks in the Darky, no more news from ' S c o o p M c H u g h '.
See his Revels in Jamaica, 1682-1838: Plays and Players of a Century, Tumblers and Conjurors, Musical Refugees and Solitary Showmen, Dinners, Balls and Cockfights, Darky Mummers and Other Memories of High Times and Merry Hearts (New York: Dodd, Mead, 1937).
The re-enactments will feature Dame Shirley, a writer from a California gold camp; Charlotte Darky Parkhurst, a stagecoach driver; Katherine Philips Edson, a suffragette; and Mary Austin, who wrote about the Antelope Valley region.
The cream is selling "enlightenment / nothing less than beauty itself"--a brand of truth inaccessible for a "double dutch darky / they dipped .
Granddam Glass Slipper, one of 12 pups from a June 1994 Tune In-Garryglass Tina litter, was unraced due to a broken leg, but her litter-sister Garryglass Darky won an Enniscorthy Leger.
The deputy head had three leather straps that he gave names to: Henry, Henrietta and Darky.
Gwen Wells, 54, from Brighton, took in Candy, Jo Jo, Darky and Pongo.
asking him just how scared Aleck Sander was and if he wasn't even scareder than Aleck Sander only his vanity wouldn't allow him to show it before a darky and to tell the truth now, neither of them would have touched the grave in the dark even enough to lift the flowers off of it if Miss Habersham hadn't driven them at it.
When Lambert finds himself alone with his long-dreamt-of prostitute -his first chance to have sex with a woman outside of immediate family--he discovers that Treppie has played a little birthday joke in choosing his companion for the evening: "A darky.
When the darky now tries to move out of his sty into and into human habitation a policeman now stops him.
This scene contrasts ironically with an early scene in Gone with the Wind in which Scarlett's father spends an inordinate amount of money to purchase the wife and daughter of his loyal slave butler from another slaveholder, and jokingly declares that "never again will I let a darky on this place marry off it.
Here stand Mr and Mrs Meadows with their cat Darky, outside their pristine cottage in the early 20th century.