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(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people

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ASUS exclusive overclockers, Shatul aka Toolius who is amongst the top 25 overclockers in the world along with Amey aka Darky, a veteran in the overclocking scenario achieved this feat by using the Asus Z10PE-D8 and ASUS Geforce GT610 WS along with Intel Xeon CPU's, Memory, SSD, PSU and Water cooling.
See here, Simpson," she said, pointing that finger at his face, "I'll not have some darky filling my boy's head with outlandish notions.
Peacefully in hospital on Monday 19th April, aged 78 years, Sylvia (nee Morton), beloved wife of the late Darky, a much loved mam of David, Carol and Alan, dear mother in law of Janet, Arthur and Ann, also a devoted nanna of all the family.
Tommy explained: "There were about 90 huskies at our base, but my favourite was a lead dog called Darky.
Louis Chude-Sokei insists in The Last Darky that Bert Williams, a crossover celebrity at the turn into the twentieth century, is not African American.
The re-enactments will feature Dame Shirley, a writer from a California gold camp; Charlotte Darky Parkhurst, a stagecoach driver; Katherine Philips Edson, a suffragette; and Mary Austin, who wrote about the Antelope Valley region.
The cream is selling "enlightenment / nothing less than beauty itself"--a brand of truth inaccessible for a "double dutch darky / they dipped .
Granddam Glass Slipper, one of 12 pups from a June 1994 Tune In-Garryglass Tina litter, was unraced due to a broken leg, but her litter-sister Garryglass Darky won an Enniscorthy Leger.
The deputy head had three leather straps that he gave names to: Henry, Henrietta and Darky.
Gwen Wells, 54, from Brighton, took in Candy, Jo Jo, Darky and Pongo.
When the darky now tries to move out of his sty into and into human habitation a policeman now stops him.
of Kansas who wrote and co-directed the 1999 vid-released feature "Ninth Street," displays his academic erudition throughout, the way he deals with grand historical matters to his archival use of actual products like Darky Toothpaste and Sambo Axle Grease.
Here stand Mr and Mrs Meadows with their cat Darky, outside their pristine cottage in the early 20th century.
Tron smleck gha dreednus hoke b'loofnok Dar popish, flarge dyur darky, hebe.
Por analogia, el rock mexicano posee su propia bifurcacion "socio-gritante": primero, los que cantan para "la raza" como Alex Lora de El Tri, el rupestre Rockdrigo Gonzalez o El muneco de Tex-Tex: por otra, la primera generacion de vocalistas con papas en la boca surgida en plena "decada perdida" de los anos ochenta, con vertientes al estilo darky por Saul Hernandez de Caifanes.