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(ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people

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Abrahamson M, Darkey C (1988) 'Phosphorus requirements and use for pastoral systems in New Zealand.
57 (450m): Killiney Crash, Big Tune, Jutai, Glassmoss Darkey (M), Pat's Bond (M), Witton Dion (M).
Stephens: I will refer to him as "negro" which is better; he gave the name of Alonzo Herndon-Angelo Herndon; he is the darkey with the glasses on.
04 (450m): Nando's Special, Fangs Finalie, Tornaroy Tabasco, Rylance Rocket (M), Glassmoss Darkey (M), Bua Kilross (W).
60) And the third category is the "sleepy peons and sad eyed burros": the belief that a Mexican is "someone who walks rather than rides a horse (a caballero)," replacing the old notion of the "standby greaser," and a "Southern darkey.
It sure would be a terrible thing for me, sitting in the bleachers, to be contaminated by that darkey out there playing second base.
It is not difficult to see erotic desire in the doctor's gothic gaze, especially when he displays his wish: "I'll be durned if that aint the finest lookin' darkey I ever put my eye on.
Johnson observes that the performance was retitled "Old Plantation Days,' [that] the offensive parts were expurgated, [that] Simon Legree was transfigured into a sort of benevolent patriarch, [and that) Uncle Tom was made into a happy old darkey who greatly enjoyed being a slave and who ultimately died of too much good treatment" (1995, 12).
Though they made this comment in passing, and arguably without malicious intent, they nonetheless racialized the woman and invoked the stereotypical image of the grinning, "good-natured" black servant or "smiling darkey," which they acknowledged was common in the Hollywood films that routinely showcased white Americans' racism.
He put his thumb upon a bump, an den begin to Quivery He looked me deep in de eye, an it made this darkey shiver He said de bump ob eativeness was very large developed; Said de bumps war altogeder like a jawbarelup.
Obviously, the imitation darkey of the negro-minstrel stage did not coincide with the genuine darkey as evolved from the Teutonic inner consciousness.
AFTER a barren spell lasting some four months, Glassmoss Darkey has been in sparkling form over the past few weeks at Sunderland.
Darkey - Corresponding Author Email: bmdzomeku@gmail.
If you want to get even more of a flavour of the nomadic life, Chan Darkey Ha Bsamim, near Moshav Tzofar in the Arava region, offers Bedouin-style accommodation, although the smart washrooms would leave the ancient traders very jealous.
Such an account recalls Eric Sundquist's gloss on Chesnutt's story "A Victim of Heredity, or, Why the Darkey Loves Chicken": as he notes, the tale in fact ends up ascribing the purportedly "natural" taste for chicken to a conjure perpetrated to compel a greedy master to feed rather than starve his slaves.