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Synonyms for dark-brown

of a color similar to that of wood or earth

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A dark-brown eye shadow created a subtle smoky effect; tapered false lashes completed the look.
All Aseels had pea-comb, no wattles, fully feathered necks, predominantly dark-brown neck feathers (35%), pale-brown breast (32%), wing-bow (33%), wing-bar (35%), wing-bay (35%), saddle (32%) and black/gray tail feathers (44%).
Head visible from above; integument of head is dark-brown (almost black); densely punctured (Figs.
"The bill will require that tobacco products be sold in plain, drab, dark-brown packets," she said.
The man is described as white, in his early 20s, of average to medium build with dark-brown, cropped hair and facial stubble, who spoke with a lisp.
Although adding transparency improved the naturalness of computer-generated black and dark-brown hair, blond hair still looked lifeless.
This otoscopic view of a right ear shows a large, dark-brown mass of hard cerumen completely occluding the external auditory canal.
One of the attackers is slim, 5ft 2in tall with short dark-brown collar- length hair and thin lips.
As you walk round the comforting, quiet warm dark-brown box, you become aware of the strangeness of the whole thing, for the undulations of the roof are echoed in the curves of the walls against the sky.
Playing soon at a recycling center near you: "Honey, I blew up the trash!" Using an "explosive" new process, scientists are converting smelly food, yard, and paper waste into a dark-brown, soil-like substance great for fertilizing crops.
A new liquid butyltin carboxylate from Ciba Additives, Irgastab T 634, reportedly features a good combination of thermal stability and weatherability for use in dark-brown window profiles.
Some are uptight, with tense, wadded skeins of hair contained by hair nets and embroidery hoops (one of these, with dark-brown hair, is placed on the floor and looks like a steaming pile of dog turds); others are more loosely constructed.
Abdomen: abdomen clothed with dark-brown scales on I-II segments and VII-VIII segments and orange between them dorsally or with dark brown bands on median segments; abdominal tergites with spinous zones, mostly placed along posterior margin.
Mr Hagan is white with short, receding dark-brown and grey hair and brown eyes, and is stockily built.