dark red

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a red color that reflects little light

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Duncan heard the grating of the rusty hinges, and darting to the spot, directed by the sound, he met a long line of dark red warriors, passing swiftly toward the glacis.
It was a scarf of strong dead colours, dark red and old gold and purple, probably of Oriental fabrication.
It is true that an observer, under that softening influence of the fine arts which makes other people's hardships picturesque, might have been delighted with this homestead called Freeman's End: the old house had dormer-windows in the dark red roof, two of the chimneys were choked with ivy, the large porch was blocked up with bundles of sticks, and half the windows were closed with gray worm-eaten shutters about which the jasmine-boughs grew in wild luxuriance; the mouldering garden wall with hollyhocks peeping over it was a perfect study of highly mingled subdued color, and there was an aged goat (kept doubtless on interesting superstitious grounds) lying against the open back-kitchen door.
WINDSOR: 5.30 Moneta, 6.00 Love Powerful, 6.30 Dramatic Sands 7.00 Dark Red, 7.30 Waterfront, 8.00 Oh So Nice.
Beeturia, the dark red pigment in beetroot passes straight through your system and out into urine which becomes dark pink in colour.
For instance, Df-6, 7, 8 and 10 possessing dark red flesh color and sparse-thorn made one cluster with a average Jaccard similariy coefficient of 0.86.
The first man is described as white with a bald head, of stocky build and wearing a dark red polo top with red cargo pants or a set of overalls tied around his waist.
* Medium red #2, white #4, dark red #1 and white #5
Similarly, use dark red A's and white D's to make 21 unit 2's.
The Block Y's are scrappy and have a balance of pinks and reds; incorporate some dark red texture and light pink texture patches if you like.
Black Rock is, as the name suggests is black in colour with a dark red hue and a foamy light beige head.
The man has brown hair, is wearing a dark red hooded top and carrying a white-coloured item.
An opulent dark red blend of Mourvedre, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Alicante Bouschet and Grenache, the inaugural 2014 vintage was created to satisfy loyal Cashmere red wine drinkers as well as those new to the growing Dark Red Blend category.
Online readers wondered why areas known to be mountainous or to have nuclear reactors didn't show up as dark red on the map.
QI ORDERED some 'Empress of India' nasturtiums as I love their dark foliage and dark red flowers.