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a political candidate who is not well known but could win unexpectedly

a racehorse about which little is known

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VVLAST week's winners Out Of The Loop (6-1), Fitzhenry (11-4) and Call A Cab (9-4) were all highlighted in Dark Horses Keep tabs on Justin O'Hanlon's Dark Horses by entering them in your Horse Tracker at racingpost.
That's if you can call a team who are second favourites in a competition only ever won by South Americans when it is played in South America dark horses.
Alan Cayetano could be a white knight among the dark horses.
I've seen enough from our blokes to suggest we can be one of those dark horses.
From where we were six weeks ago, the tournament's dark horses are us.
I did say they would be the dark horses and that win didn't surprise me at all," he added.
Journalist Hecht describes these very different paths leading to the laser, the people in the teams and their approaches, the debates between and amidst teams, and the fight for the two dark horses to get recognition.
But there's a lot stacked up against John, and one of these dark horses are going to clip him.
Harding was among the less prominent candidates, known as dark horses.
The best of your emails Look for dark horses The Morny result shows that the early-season English form is failing to hold up.
We're very much dark horses and hopefully that will give the boys a bit more of a licence.
HULL coach Peter Sharp believes the Giants are the dark horses for the Super League crown.
Derby County boss George Burley has backed Cardiff City to be Division One's dark horses next season.
IF ONE tipping publication can be said to have stood the test of time, then it's Marten Julian's Dark Horses annual.
Thirty white horses leaping, 13 dark horses standing, three giraffes, three camels, a goat, a dog, a lion, an elephant, a donkey, a bear and a sea horse round out the spinning zoo.