dark adaptation

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the process of adjusting the eyes to low levels of illumination

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The objective of the present study was to examine the acute concomitant effects of dark adaptation and changes in glycemia levels on retinal vessel diameters in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Fundus photographs after 8 hours of patching revealed Mizou Nakamura phenomenon which is characterized by loss of the golden sheen and tapetal reflex after prolonged dark adaptation (fig-1) OCT (Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro) showed normal central foveal thickness but reduced retinal thickness in parafoveal region (fig-2).
Based on its amber spectral content, this layer of amber LEDs does not disrupt our eye's melanopsin receptors and thereby eliminates circadian difficulties, as well as allows our eyes to maintain dark adaptation by not bleaching rhodopsin.
For many years the 'gold-standard' instrument for measuring dark adaptation and absolute scotopic sensitivity was the Goldmann-Weekers adaptometer (Haag-Streit, Switzerland).
The European Arts Company, an international touring theatre troupe based in Kent, presents a fast-paced, dark adaptation of famous tale on Tuesday, March 30, at 7.30pm.
Dark adaptation: Peter Polycarpou, who takes the part of Ebenezer Scrooge, in rehearsal for a new adaptation of A Christmas Carol at Birmingham Repertory Theatre
The RP patients first experience defective dark adaptation or "night blindness," followed by reduction of the peripheral visual field known as tunnel vision, sometimes followed by loss of central vision late in the course of the disease.
This is a very solid, entertaining and dark adaptation of the book.
It is a dark adaptation of the Russian fairytale Baba Yaga, about a cannibalistic cantankerous old woman who lives in a forest and preys on children.
That's not all at once, and it allows for things like dark adaptation, when the eye adjusts to dark or bright environments.
In one study of 16 patients in an ophthalmologic clinic, electroretinograms showed significantly more rapid dark adaptation in those given the active extract than in those given placebo (Minerva Oftalmol.
Following a 5-min dark adaptation period, initial dark focus measurements were made.
Amateur astronomers need a reliable way to block all those lights so we can protect what dark adaptation we can achieve.