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Synonyms for daredevil

Synonyms for daredevil

one who engages in exciting, risky pursuits

Synonyms for daredevil

a reckless impetuous irresponsible person

presumptuously daring


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Marvel's Daredevil,'' created by Drew Goddard (a writer on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer,'' "Alias'' and "Lost'') and supervised by Steven DeKnight (an executive producer of Starz's "Spartacus''), begins as Murdock and his buddy and fellow lawyer Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) are starting their idealistic storefront law firm in Hell's Kitchen.
If I thought the result would be another Daredevil, I'd be out there picketing myself.
Quote On Daredevil "It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life physically.
The avengers in Tim Burton's Batman and Mark Steven Johnson's Daredevil have little patience for legal red tape and are more than willing to embrace a rougher vigilante justice.
Affleck's blank-faced performance might come off as a little chilly, but Daredevil is a very human superhero.
They were tightly attached to the billboards but there are obviously some big Daredevil fans out there who desperately wanted the figures.
Known for his precision, speed and focus, Metzger's spirit embodies the same best-in-class performance as the new Bosch Daredevil wood cutting and drilling accessories.
HUNDREDS of people including many young children looked on in horror as a "human cannonball" stuntman plunged to his death at a daredevil show.
Image: Leggy lovely Best known for: Alias and Daredevil Early life: Born Jennifer Anne Garner on April 17, 1972, in Houston, Texas, the middle of three daughters.
A DAREDEVIL great-gran has celebrated her 100th birthday with a flight in a light plane piloted by her grandson.
BEN AFFLECK has turned down a cameo role in Jennifer Garner's Daredevil spin-off Elektra because he fears it would further damage his career.
RENTAL1 (-) Final Destination 2 2 (1) Daredevil 3 (2) Catch Me If You Can 4 (-) Equilibrium 5 (5) Ghost Ship 6 (4) Solaris 7 (3) Gangs Of New York 8 (8) The Banger Sisters 9 (9) Undercover Brother 10 (10) The Pianist
DAREDEVIL (15) MOST comic-book superheroes have a troubled childhood, special powers caused by some accidental mutation, a funny costume and an ability to fight.
The new agreement includes classic and movie characters including, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Captain America and Fantastic Four.
For the first time, classic Marvel icons like The X-Men, The Hulk, Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and others have been captured in a new digital format on DVD that retells some of these heroes' timeless tales in a cinematic style with voice-overs, music and surround sound that sheds new light on these original stories.