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to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected

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All around the country, the pattern is similar,' said a DAP party source.
He also said that the pattern was not just in Selangor and DAP but across the country.
I was very briefly in a band which called itself The Daps. I left over musical differences - they could play and I couldn't.
You can't say that about daps. Rehabilitate them I say.
For active Army tanks that have the DHI installed, order DAP, NSN 2501-01-459-1662.
When preformed DAPs in the diets of the children in the University of Washington studies are considered, the pesticide exposures reported by Curl et al.
In regard to the DAP compounds specifically, we raised this issue several years ago in our discussion of biologically based dose estimates of OP pesticide exposure (Fenske et al.
In the 2008 general election, Loke retained his Lobak seat and won the Rasah parliamentary seat, while in the party polls, he was re-elected as CEC member and was also appointed DAP Political Education Bureau secretary.
The DAP source added that there was also resistance from the state's PPBM, which is concerned the move would stand in the way of the party taking the post.