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any of several ornamental shrubs with shiny mostly evergreen leaves and clusters of small bell-shaped flowers

(Greek mythology) a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree to escape the amorous Apollo

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I have this Daphne planted near my front door, but as it's still a relatively young plant, you need to be up close and personal to enjoy it.
The strength of squadron was augmented in 1970 by addition of French origin Daphne Class Submarines named after first submarine of the class as Hangor Class Submarines.
Bian, "In vitro anti-inflammatory effect of ethyl acetate extract from Daphnes Giraldii Cortex and their mechanisms," Zhong Cao Yao, vol.
"If you look through old catalogues of Daphnes work, you can see how she began altering space and dimension by analyzing and copying artists like Picasso and Van Gogh," said Bugera.
My obsession with Haden and Daphnes story has grown to the point that I had my sixteenth birthday cake modeled after Daphnes, as Bree describes it in The Eternity Key, the second book in the series.
Daphnes Dive, Ouiara Alegria Nudes; dir; Thomas Kail.
Players can cut down entire legions of enemies using over-the-top Dynasty Warriors-style moves with Linkle, Tetra, King Daphnes, and Toon Link.
There are so many beautiful shrubs that will thrive for you, from daphnes to lilacs, tree peonies to philadelphus.
This year's Mentorship Program included Hue Kauta, Mervyan Konje, Ndeshetelwa Kambonde, Ravna Jacob, Nakanyala Johanna, Pamela Kashamba, Emily Ndokosho, Daphnes !Owoses, Jennifer Mbauruna, ndinao Ilovu, Ndapewa Hangula, Olivia Haludilu, Brumhilde Abi Lakkis, Jean-Mary Mushongo and Sabine Ruigg.(Photograph by Musa Carter)
The personnel cuts instigated in 1990 had affected both morale and capability, and operational capability amounted primarily to two support vessels (reduced to one in 2005), a handful of small ageing strike craft optimized for the more peaceful waters of the Mediterranean, and three diesel-electric submarines rapidly reaching the ends of their useful service lives (all three Daphnes would be decommissioned by 2003).
Beside this, acquisition of new submarines would provide synergy of PN's operations and offset the imbalance developed after the phasing out of old Daphnes. The contemporary era is characterized by interdependence and the need to work collectively for peace and stability.
Here the panoply of learned Baroque classicism, its resident Apollos, Daphnes, Dianas, and Amphitrites--even those cast in the obese lineaments of Marie de Medicis--vivifies instants of delectation for the kinds of objects that now, as forty years ago, remain condescended to by our younger art world.
Spring charmers include lilacs, daphnes and viburnums, while many spring-flowering bulbs, including hyacinths and some narcissi, are also fragrant.
To celebrate these two great culinary names at the event, they will be located in a dedicated area so that gourmands can feast on Joudies' sumptuous creations while chatting to both her and Chef Ramzi, while he signs copies of his books.Joudie Kalla, a 30 year old Palestinian Chef based in London, has worked in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Pengelley's under Ian Pengelley, Daphnes and then Papillon with Head chef David Duverger.