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to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected

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'Among all the parties in PH, DAP is among the strongest one where its leaders do not fight among themselves.
Meanwhile, Civil Service Commission (CSC) chair Alicia de la Rosa-Bala was elected as DAP board chair while Office of the President's Deputy Executive Secretary for General Administration Mc Jill Bryant Fernandez was elected vice chair.
'To ensure uninterrupted delivery, you are hereby directed to turn over all official documents, papers and properties in your possession to the proper office of the DAP,' the Executive Secretary added.
Abad also denied reports he had a shouting match with Aquino over the DAP.
The second core component of DAP that is individually appropriateness element which demands the learning to be designed (Rushton and Larkin, 2001), delivered and assessed considering each child's learning ability and interest.
The recommendation is a change from the previous recommendation made by ACIP in June 2011, which says that T dap should be administered during pregnancy "'only to women who have not previously received T dap." The current recommendation also states that women who do not receive the vaccine during pregnancy should be vaccinated immediately post partum.
A major concern of these researchers was to avoid the methodological flaws and lack of sophisticated research techniques of previous studies of DAP. Specifically, they incorporated a nested design in order to examine the outcomes of DAP for multiple children within a single classroom.
DAP's voice-ready M4000 series handhelds features four programmable function keys and four scanner trigger buttons - two each on the left and right sides - which ergonomically fit the user rather than the user needing to adapt to the device.
But beware; other organisations and products are using "daps" as their shortened form: there's the Dandenong Agricultural and Pastoral Society, the Deltoid Axillary Protection System and the Department of Aerospace Power and Sensors at Cranfield University.
For active Army tanks that have the DHI installed, order DAP, NSN 2501-01-459-1662.
We found no significant differences between children of thinners versus non-thinners for any of the three DAP metabolites.
This paper will illustrate how the management of the DAP addresses the lack of male students and recruitment of males into the program.
I am tendering my resignation as secretary general as I cannot continue in this office as a result of Monday's election result," Lim said in his letter to DAP chairman Chen Man Hin, which was made available to the press.
A new London-based company, ActiveMemory Technology, now proposes to build and market a cheaper, more compact, slightly simpler version of the DAP. When available next year, this 32-by-32 "personal parallel processor' will probably cost about $150,000, says Dennis Parkinson, head of the DAP Support Unit at the University of London.