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unpleasant wetness


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A female astronaut said that from the window of the spaceship, she saw our fuzzy blue-green planet buzzing with life amid the cold dankness of space and her desire to go home was overwhelming.
SCREAMING As for those pits people talk of so romantically, show me one mother who'd want her son to work a mile underground in that dankness, one wife who'd want her husband bent double for eight hours at a stretch in 3ft coal seams while his lungs were eaten by coal dust.
He divides these forms of nature into three categories: atmospheres (including dankness, smoke, gas, and exhaust), matter (including dust, puddles, mud, and debris), and life (weeds, insects, pigeons, and crowds).
Dankness, darkness, erosion, effluence, and grime are continuously used to convey a particular, disquieting "mood" that pervades the entire text.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that the JI was fighting the dankness all around in the society with courage and determination.
Enamel dries to a smooth, glossy surface, and gives tonal rather than chromatic effects (not "color and luminosity," as the exhibition catalogue suggests), a characteristic that Shaw exploits to evoke the dull aqueous English light of late-winter afternoons, low gray clouds and dark puddles, wet concrete and damp tree bark, for example with Scenes from the Passion: The Library and the Back of the Triple Triangle Club, 2000, a view of a desolate concrete civic setting after rain, a study in dankness and the long littleness of life.
The lack of adequate fresh air: The dankness helps keep the virus alive.
During a recent show in the dankness of New York's Lit, Pugh and Davy sweated in unison, their eyes squeezed shut and their mouths open wide with everyone else's.
The combination of warm dankness and poor ventilation are perfect for TB.
Downriver I spin widenin out of dankness into the singin fleets of keels penned upon the tide the river arumble boom an rail serpentined an chicaned the great water punctuated by scents of earthwork insea for miles down to the Bite beyond Care a worl that never was the killin mound waitin someplace pale an shiftin the flanks of aqueous creatures seethin slithery as stargrazers an shouts of keelmen bell somewhere closer alarm on their invisible rounds ship to ship iron seekin iron an then just so out of the sea fret a strange jibber jabber talk unheard but vowels as such unmistakable
The smell of carbolic and sweat, the cigarette smoke - because everyone smoked in those days - the darkness and the dankness.
The early evening sky is gray and ragged, shedding an aerosolized dankness upon the thousands of Kerry supporters gathered on the TD Waterhouse front walk.
Yasumitsu Matsunaga was asked to design a set of conveniences for Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo, which aimed to dispel stereotypes of dankness and general mediocrity.