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a word or phrase apparently modifying an unintended word because of its placement in a sentence: e

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Rewrite the following sentences to correct the dangling modifiers.
While my consultants never asked about fundamentals (like comma splices and fused sentences), they were, however, having trouble choosing the proper pronoun case, recognizing dangling modifiers, and using the right number of the verb after neither/nor and either/or.
And those who still care for grammatical precision will notice that when he says in another poem, "Floating beside me I detect her / mythic scent," the dangling modifier makes this say that he is floating beside himself.
Finally, on page twenty-one, the author unwittingly provides a textbook example of a dangling modifier: "Once achieved, you can reraise the standards and acquire better doubt at a level of still better taste."
There are other whoppers in the joint resolution, including this attempt to deflect De Lima's accusation of bias-in a sentence marked by a precipitously dangling modifier and unapologetically melodramatic prose: 'Stand charged and bruised beyond redemption by popular opinion, the issue of fraternity affiliation of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, Secretary Vitaliano N.
The problem with a dangling modifier, which is often an initial participial phrase, is that it does not refer to an actual word in the sentence.
If we spot a dangling modifier in your paper, we will gently point it out to you with our pink fuzzy pen instead of circling the error with a harsh red mark of death.
The best defense against the dangling modifier is to read our work aloud.
The first dangling modifier no doubt came not long after the first complete sentence.
Inspired, in part, by a Dangling Modifier article from the Cedarville University (Ohio) tutors Jennifer E.
* "Neither was charged with any wrongdoing after the longest independent counsel investigation in history." The after clause is a dangling modifier. The wrongdoing would not have occurred after the investigation.
196), as does the dangling modifier: "When designing for traditional media, the focus is on the visual impression and how it communicates the message" (p.
My only quibble with this book is the sometimes lax editing, which permits the presence of the occasional dangling modifier and lapse in subject-verb agreement.
Some look the other way upon spying a dangling modifier in their copy.
Media Dangling modifiers Modification Ambiguity The Mirror 1 43 1 The Spectator 1 159 1 The Ghanaian Times 5 46 0 In the media text analysis, there were not much problems relating to dangling modifiers and ambiguity among the three media text sampled.