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Dr Dangle plagiarised another doctor's application and misrepresented his own experience in order to improve his chances of obtaining a specialist training post.
Finally, the true fashionista can add a set of Steffi Thomas dangles, an add-on earring-style accessory, to accent the ensemble.
Like any good political cartoonist, Dangle knows to "follow the money," and has found a wealth of material in the Enron bankruptcy and the Bush administration's industry-friendly energy plan.
Hines' breathtaking Valentine's Day selection, in gorgeous passionate pink hued pieces such as the Pearl Puddle[TM] Dangle Earrings is accessibly priced and elegantly simple.
When Dangle arranges a trip to a police convention in Florida, the team is ecstatic.
Murtagh put up 2lb overweight on 6-1 shot Dangle, who was beaten just under two lengths in fifth place by winner Amalie Bay, the evens favourite.
356) reports that, wearing a gecko-inspired glove, "a person could dangle from the ceiling.
Dad-of-three Steve, said: "I dangle for about eight minutes.
Rare is the American who can take his pleasure so guiltlessly or offer it with so few strings attached; in his art, those strings may dangle from the actual work.
Participial phrases work as adjectives, so they can dangle too.
Lieutenant Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon) is in charge.
His acting credits include Romeo & Juliet, A Clockwork Orange and Dangle in the Dust.
JOHNNY MURTAGH was slapped with a seven-day ban, which rules him out of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, and trainer Eddie Lynam was fined EUR750 following the running of Dangle in the opener at The Curragh yesterday, writes Tony O'Hehir.
Dare you Dangle takes place on July 13 and 14 at Brunel House in Cardiff.
Dangle in the Dust, set in the dressing room of a rugby club, has been scripted by South Shields-based Darren Palmer, 38.