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Synonyms for space

Synonyms for space

an extent, measured or unmeasured, of linear space

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

a rather short period

Synonyms for space

a blank character used to separate successive words in writing or printing

the interval between two times


one of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff

(printing) a block of type without a raised letter

place at intervals

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The infection classically involves the mediastinum via two routes: (1) by fascial spread along the carotid sheath inferiorly into the mediastinum or (2) by spread through the retropharyngeal space, into the prevertebral space (danger space), and inferiorly into the mediastinum.
The primary conduit for mediastinal air into the deep neck spaces is the so-called danger space. This space is bounded superiorly by the base of the skull, inferiorly by the diaphragm, anteriorly by the alar portion of the deep layer of the deep cervical fascia, posteriorly by the prevertebral portion of the deep layer of the deep cervical fascia, and laterally by the fusion of the alar and prevertebral fascia at the transverse vertebral processes.
The six danger spaces are in Whittall Street at the rear of the new complex in Birmingham city centre.