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move (a baby) up and down in one's arms or on one's knees


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Morss (1967) Measuring "Tax Effort" in Developing Countries (Evaluation de effort fiscal dandles pays en voie de development) (Medicion del "esfuerzotributario" de los paises en desarrollo).
As she tends the baby, Matt, 35, dandles their three-year-old on his knee.
Nearby, a woman who could pass for either sixteen or thirty-five dandles a little girl on her lap.
When Orual's Greek tutor Fox first sees the baby Psyche, he thinks she is so beautiful that "Helen herself, new-hatched, must have looked so" (21); and later, as he dandles her on his knee, he sings that she is "prettier than Andromeda, prettier than Helen herself, prettier than Aphrodite herself" (23).
Out of the million things to be seen about this woman, he sees only the matching points; she becomes not herself but a list of significant congruences; she is not she, but "like Sarah." At the end of this scene the narrator plants an array of significant details: Charles dandles the baby, soothes her with his watch, and so on.