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move (a baby) up and down in one's arms or on one's knees


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Pero entonces dandled genera el fragmento de un personaje como si alguien hubiera sido indirectamente esbozado en la imagen: con las piernas cruzadas, la de arriba oscilando perezosamente y una sandalia pendiendo desganadamente de la punta del pie.
They used to look awkward dandled by the unbroken waves but now they can dive and when they turn their shoulders to the water their blades wink in the sun.
He kissed his dear son and dandled him in his arms and spoke in prayer to Zeus and all the other gods: 'Zeus and all you other gods, grant that this son of mine may be marked out above the Trojans, as I am, and be strong and brave as me, and may he rule Ilium by might: and may men one day say as he returns from battle, "This man is far better than his father.
But who could the source of this imagined ideal interlocutor be, if not those same giants who once dandled us on their knees and entered with us into the delight of the proto-conversation?
An old Mexican woman dandled a baby on the tray table attached to the back of Hana's seat.
Near-radical assimilation, Nazis, hideous melamidim, escape, diaspora, intermarriage, intramarriage (my father was a German Jew, my mother, the daughter of Russians), madness, the redemptive power of literature--Jane Austen was Lionel Trilling's favorite, too--the Upper West Side, Zabar's, the paschal ham (you have to have some vestigial faith to be so oblivious): the topoi of Jewish life ran through my experience without my really knowing it: hell, Philip Roth even dandled me on his knee when I was a baby--really
For thus says the Lord: I will extend peace to her like a river and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing stream, and you shall nurse and be carried on her arm, and dandled on her knees.
For some, who looked as though they were barely born when Piggott and O'Sullevan, combined ages 166, hung up boots and binoculars in 1995 and 1997 respectively, it was to buy portraits of the pair for fathers and uncles who had dandled them on their knees on Saturday afternoons to the rhythmic chant of O'Sullevan calling home a Piggott winner.
Being dandled on Sydney Smith's knee as a child, rebuking Carlyle for bad manners in her teens and arguing on equal terms with Macaulay made it difficult for her to settle down at school where social distinctions were very much in force.
Jupiter's palace, in accordance with his status, was on a raised level high above the main stage, a luxurious and colorful world with deep cushions and sofas on which the fat, balding god dandled Ganymede.
Baby dolls dandled overhead become fodder for kicking; people eating Henry VIII sized turkey legs (and discarding them after just a bite) are replaced by canine-like creatures dragging fowl with their teeth.
Of late I have often recalled this saying and this incident; for during the past week scarcely a night had gone over my couch that had not brought with it a dream of an infant: which I sometimes hushed in my arms, sometimes dandled on my knee, sometime watched playing with daisies on the lawn, or, again, dabbling its hands in running water.
You will nurse and be carried upon her arm, and you will be dandled on her knee.
His love for children with multiple disabilities and his deep understanding of their needs was evident when he visited programs and dandled children on his knee.
Born in 1935, Diego Masson is the son of the French surrealist painter Andre Masson, and his earliest memories include being dandled on Picasso's knee.