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Jeffrey Skidmore's realisations of Latin motets by Martin Peerson (c.1572 - 1651) were dancingly and emotionally conveyed by the youthful Ex Cathedra Consort (Hyperion CDA 67490), and his researches into the baroque church music of Central and South America continued with the release of a second CD from Ex Cathedra of this intoxicating music which combines devotion with exuberance (Moon, sun and all things, Hyperion CDA67524).
The last-named in particular is an arresting piece, beginning with a strongly Wagnerian prelude (as befits the Celtic provenance of its text), moving into a dancingly Dukas-like balletic section, and with vocal writing of a melting lyricism; textual underlay is particularly elegant.
This long first half had begun with a welcome re-hearing of Bent Srensen's Sinful Songs, its spatial disposition of mirror-image musicians resulting in a vivid, live aural perspective as ideas - some of them dancingly Tippettian - were tossed among the players.