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an ascetic Muslim monk

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Such tales might appear unbelievable to skeptical Muslims but Frembgen's documentations place the readers in an environment of peace, mystical stories and dancing dervishes. He takes the readers to the hidden highlands of Pakistan away from city violence, where people simply want to devote themselves to God.
Their "heart" is said to be the Turkish city of Konya, the home of the dancing dervishes and of the most famous representative of this religion, Mevlana Celaleddini Rumi, who is said to have inspired the dance of the whirling dervishes.
Get real Al Wefaq, 'out there', is a whole body of opinion that claims the wave has passed Bahrain by, and it is not coming back unless there is a basic change, and if that doesn't happen, it will affect everyone, from dancing Dervishes down, a generation of poor, impoverished, dunces.
But from Buddhists to Baptists, from Jews to the dancing dervishes of Islam, prayer shawls have been a part of tradition for centuries.
Mackintosh-Smith travels both in Ibn Battutah's footsteps and in the footnotes of his text, rooting out memorabilia of the man and his age -- buffalo-milk puddings, fishbone houses, a Crimean minaret, dancing dervishes and the scions of defunct dynasties.
In a city that's supposedly in thrall to the salsa beat, you'd think that a certain percentage of those dancing dervishes would choose to seek out the music's Afro-Cuban roots.
If Rome has its unwashed monks, Cairo has its howling and dancing dervishes, and both seem equally deaf to the dictates of reason" (586-87).