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I'm not sure what drew Mark Morris to this "comedie lyrique." Its arias are unmemorable; its plot, negligible; and its music, not especially danceable. The flimsy structure, however, does provide collaborators Morris, former couturier Isaac Mizrahi and set designer Adrianne Lobel a vehicle to indulge their whimsy.
The Jazz at Sunset concert series begins Friday with Boston's the Love Dogs, which blends early rock, swing, zydeco and more into a vivacious, eminently danceable party mix.
Overall, it is a danceable number that proves that house can be commercial but still sound good.
Maybe the biggest miracle is a danceable score, bits and pieces of Tchaikovsky gleaned by John Lanchbery from operas, piano pieces, and suites.
Whether it's on the danceable and pop-savvy "Guilty As Charged," the quirky and mischievous "Cookie Jar" or the charmingly geeky "New Friend Request," the band fuses an upbeat hip-hop sound with a whimsical indie-rock spirit.
How about the imminently danceable likes of "Atomic Dog" or "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)"?
For example, take the fun, jazzy saxophone at the beginning of the song "Everybody Move," which counters the song's aggressive, staccato vocals; or the blistering horns and driving drums on "Best Revolution Ever" - there's something infectiously joyful and danceable about this band.