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large room used mainly for dancing

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So open up the dance halls Let's go out and have some fun Enjoy this life we've got Let's sing, and dance and shimmy Strike up the band - let's swing and sway And do the old fox-trot.
The West End in Suffolk Street opened in 1925 as a dance hall and cinema, which boasted a superb Wurlitzer organ, but its doors finally closed in March 1965.
From the Dance Hall to Facebook: Teen Girls, Mass Media, and Moral Panic in the United States, 1905-2010
The dance halls still thrived and in Redcar we had the Coatham Saturday night dance which was the big deal of the week.
Three Spirit Lake dance halls are among the photographs.
trouble is But trouble wasn't confined to dance halls.
The story of Scotland's dance halls, rock 'n' roll and how yer da met yer maw.
I AM calling for councils to provide dance halls now that Strictly Come Dancing has been on TV.
RECENT letters about dance halls during the 1950s brought back memories.
THE dance halls of Durham City will come alive with a music and dance extravaganza this weekend with the launch of a brand new weekend festival titled 'DJam' The North East Lindy Festival.
mirrored trends in both the USA and Britain, where dance halls burgeoned
This book takes us back to the days of the Irish dance halls in Boston when, within one venue, another kind of popular Irish-American music hybrid catered to an Irish and Irish American audience.
Written by an experienced jazz and dance band researcher, That Toddlin' Town covers big names such as Edgar Benson, Jules Stein and James Petrillo, and more, as well as the endeavors of dance bands, the role of early dance halls, ice rinks, and beer gardens, how dance bands earned popular respect, the impact of the Great Depression, and much more.
I lived in Bedlinog and I often organised coach trips to various dance halls around the South Wales valleys.
As Hickey tells it, "Irmalee Davis ignored her husband's complaints and frequented Atlanta's dance halls at all hours of the night.