dance hall

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large room used mainly for dancing

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"Most local senior citizens can enthuse about the great times they had at their local village dance halls, back in their youth," he said.
Some time ago now, I received a letter from a reader who wrote: "I first started learning to dance at the Regent Dance Hall in Mardy Street, Grangetown, and the admission price was nine pence.
The Jamaican dance hall artist made major waves in the early 2000s and is presently in London where he met with Davido.
To start off the dance, Arleene Norman, owner of the Savoy South Dance Hall, did a short dance lesson to improve Swing Dancing skills.
With the exception of Edgbaston's Tower Ballroom, which began life as a skating rink before dispensing with the ice in the 1920s, the city's dance halls are long gone now - the West End Ballroom, Tony's, the Locarno, Madame Amy's and the Palais de Danse.
Which well-known Newcastle dance hall is the venue for this student jazz band ball in 1963?
A FORMER Boro player who enjoyed his first date with his future wife at a dance hall 64 years ago has celebrated his diamond wedding anniversary.
At the Hudson Hotel's arcade and dance hall Half & Half--part arcade, part dance hall--we celebrated the release of our annual Now Issue.
From the Dance Hall to Facebook: Teen Girls, Mass Media, and Moral Panic in the United States, 1905-2010
The Standing Chief Dance Hall is selected for this article even though it was located on the Turtle Mountain Reservation on land allotted to the Cree family.
A MUSIC festival is being staged in a Northumberland town on Bank Holiday Monday to raise funds to turn an old dance hall into a community hub.
Eddie - who signed Billy Connolly, managed The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and set Midge Ure on the road to stardom - has written a new book about the golden era of Scotland's dance hall circuit.