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The Big Magic Dance Band is a 10-piece group of musicians, including four from Llanfyllin, which is teaming up with the venues to bring live music back to the towns and villages.
The dance band will perform twice daily (except Fridays) for two 20-minute sets until January 3.
The Rajasthan Folk Dance Band, which consists of 10 artists including 3 dancers, two musicians and five singers, performed simple dances full of vitality and activity with the participation of men and women in expression of happiness and joy according to the Indian folklore.
BRITISH dance band, Revival, will be performing this Friday at JJ's Irish Restaurant in Adliya.
Roy was a musician in a travelling military dance band while Christina, who shared a love of dance, volunteered for the army repairing tanks in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers depot at Catterick, where romance blossomed.
It happened to be part of the lyrics on a 1930s dance band record that he played on his programme, which is dedicated to dance band music from that era.
In The Boyfriend Davies used themes from Sandy Wilson's 1950s musical for a delightful pastiche of dance band music.
ONE of the latest letters in the ECHO about dance band days made me smile.
In 1.995 he formed a 15-piece funk dance band called SuperBooty, which performed concerts all over California.
Seeing as the company dance band consisted only of a keyboard, fiddle, saxophone and accordion, George offered to help, to be told "If you've got a drum kit, we'd be delighted to have you." When he got home that evening, he told his father:"Dad!
Musical performances at the main stage by Damon House will include Guilty Pleasure (1:30-2:45 p.m.), a seven-piece dance band from Boston, and the roots/rock band Milagro Saints (11:45 to 1 p.m.).
The character then decides to establish her own dance band and names it 'Marah'.
Known to some as folk's answer Status Quo, the Peepers were formed in 1972 by melodeon player, Ben Woodward and started life as an acoustic dance band playing at private parties and weddings.
It doesn't matter if Ibrox is called The Goombay Dance Band Show Palace.