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large tropical butterfly with degenerate forelegs and an unpleasant taste

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(6) He is introduced in Book 4 bearing a shield depicting the Danaids killing their husbands/cousins, connecting him with the poem's theme of fratricide.
Disturbingly Hippomedon bears the image of the Danaids on his shield at 4.131-35
Though it is now certain that the temple stood on the south-western slope of the Palatine, the location of the portico of the Danaids and any detail regarding the artworks that adorned the temple, are shrouded in uncertainty.
First comes the portico, visible from afar, then the statues of the Danaids which one will see as a group from a reasonable distance and then, on coming closer, one will be able to discern the image of Danaus among them.
At his own expense the artist supplied turntables for Danaid and The Death Of Athens, so that they could be spun around and admired from all angles.
It relishes events in which some mistake brings the characters to the very verge of crime or disaster (Iphigeneia about to sacrifice her brother, in I.T.; Ion on the point of killing his mother, after she has tried to kill him, in Ion; Aerope in Cresphontes trying to kill her sleeping son as that son's supposed murderer); or mistakes which cause actual disaster, subsequently recognized and lamented (Oedipus the King, Trachiniae, Hippolytus, Bacchae); or where suffering is doubled in its impact by being combined with blasphemy (Cassandra stripping off and trampling the prophetic insignia in Agamemnon; her `wedding song' in Troades; the dragging of the Danaids from the altars in Aeschylus' Suppliant Women; the opening scenes of Heracles).
Putnam, `Virgil's Danaid Ecphrasis', ICS 19 (1994), 171-89, who, however, takes the ecphrasis ultimately to imply a fairly clear-cut condemnation of Aeneas (and Augustus).
54), 178) points out that Turnus' supplication of Aeneas can also be linked with the Danaid myth, in which supplication is an important motif.
The play is the first of a trilogy that told the myth of the murder on their wedding night of all but one of the young men by the Danaid brides.
C A Danaid is well known and well regarded within AFL throughout the world and has proved this in many projects.
There is an intriguing parallel in Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound where Prometheus informs Io that her descendants the Danaids will flee marriage from would-be husbands whose minds are "aflutter" ([phrase omitted], 856), "hunting for marriages not to be hunted" ([phrase omitted], 858-859).