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the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

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Recently researchers of different countries are developing new compositions of electrically controlled damping materials (ECDM).
The choice of the thickness and type of the gasket material from the vibration damping material 5 makes it possible to weaken the amplitude of the pressure wave and increase the upper limit of the pressure sensor measurement.
From formula (20) the key point to reduce vibration using the viscoelastic damping material is to maximize the product of the real part of the complex shear modulus G' and shear dissipation factor [beta].
In order to meet the needs of engineering applications of such damping material, it is necessary to adopt some experimental techniques to study vibration characteristics of TCS with hard coating.
Pritz, "Five-parameter fractional derivative model for polymeric damping materials," Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol.
The damping material could be used with the Siemens meter, since the Siemens transducers clamp on top of the damping material as shown in Figure 3.
Although the material has obviously its limitations when used as a seismic damping material, it is used to provide the parameters necessary for the modelling.
That was down to something they call Ultra Light Concept, a sound damping material that's both light -so important to fuel economy -and very effective in absorbing noise.
Another feature is the use of acoustic damping material on the insides of side panels, which assists in the sound-isolation capabilities usually generated by such equipment as digital video recorders and hard drive arrays.--Middle Atlantic Products
Sound isolation strategies include acoustic damping material on the insides of side panels, gaskets on all doors, and quiet-running fans.
QuietSteel is a damping material sandwiching a viscoelastic core between metal skins of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvalume or other substrate.
The AR-338 gets a limited amount of damping material and no bracing.
This is, in a sense, a reversal of the situation that existed for the harpsichord 25 years ago, for the final setting up of a clavichord is not so much a matter of historical evidence but more a sensitive assessment of the potential of the instrument and arranging such matters as depth of touch, tightness of damping material etc.