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a course of some impermeable material laid in the foundation walls of building near the ground to prevent dampness from rising into the building

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The damp course is not working and as it's an inside wall, there can be no dampness coming from rainwater penetrating the outside wall.
53-54) he says that the "damp course" described by the excavators of Nippur cannot really be a soubassement, because a damp course is placed below ground.
QI THINK the damp course on my side passage has failed at 3ft from floor level.
Rust-Oleum does primers too so you can paint the surround with any paint once the primer has QI THINK the damp course on my side passage has failed at 3ft from floor level.
The same applies to areas of hardstanding, such as footpaths, patios and driveways, where rainwater could splash up off the ground and wet the walls above the damp course.
"It was like a swimming pool down there when we first saw it, so we had to get a full damp course done and re-render it completely."
We should see something better even if the damp course is playing plenty long enough for this shortish hitter.
A detached Georgian barn, with original elm beams and flooring, is used for additional garaging and storage, although recent upgrading with a damp course and wiring suggests several potential alternative uses.
You need to build a frame using treated timber which is above the house's existing damp course. First of all use a length of timber running the length of the deck and secure it to the house wall with expansion bolts.
The only difference is that in these days of sperm banks and surrogacy, you can choose your family - but you can't choose the family a damp course away.
An appeal has so far raised PS1,749 for a new damp course and kitchen and a number of firms have come forward to help - but more problems have since been found with the house, including rotting floor joists.
The most common type is the installation of a chemically injected damp course, which involves drilling a series of holes near to the bottom of the wall and injecting either a liquid or cream substance which slowly fills the cavities in the masonry, forming a barrier against rising damp.
Can you tell me how long a damp course normally lasts?