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a young unmarried woman

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One reason might be the greater popularity of her brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the author of "The Blessed Damozel" and "Jenny," two "Pre-Raphaelite" poems that represent the group of poets and painters called by that name.
His work La Damoiselle elue is a cantata based on the poem The Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabrielle Rossetti.
The novel is saturated with artists's names and references to their works and movements: among others, Etruscan pottery, the Gothic, the Florentine quattrocento, the Mona Lisa, the baroque, Inigo Jones, Piranesi, Hogarth, Ingres, Soane, Delacroix, the Barbizon school, Landseer, Ruskin, Morris, Arundel prints, Millais, Holman Hunt and his The Awakening Conscience, Rossetti and his The Blessed Damozel, the arts-and-crafts movement, art nouveau, 'greenery-yallery' aestheticism, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Cezanne, Brancusi, Francis Picabia, futurism, and chinoiserie.
Alicia Faxon has shown how he adapted the design of clasped lovers for his Blessed Damozel of 1875-78 (Fogg Museum, Harvard) from the embracing figures at the bottom of the Botticelli.
We do not weep for earthly lovers like the "Blessed Damozel" in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's poem.
this Damozel infatuation I am stupid with disgust at everything and Catholic
For example, in the 1850 Germ version of The Blessed Damozel there are two clusters of questions.
And later Miss Testvalley fascinates the young Nan by reciting lines from her cousin's "The Blessed Damozel" (W70-71).
Rossetti, "La damisela escogida" ("The Blessed Damozel").
Two years later his "The Blessed Damozel," with six sonnets and four lyrics, was published in The Germ, the Pre-Raphaelite periodical (1850).
face of Rossetti's "The Blessed Damozel." Why she walked into a tidal waters of the sea for a fadeout
D.G.Rossetti, "The Blessed Damozel"; magazine Germ founded; Tennyson appointed poet laureate