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a young unmarried woman

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In "The Blessed Damozel," the lover is described as an omniscient being, while the damozel has a limited apprehension of her world.
12) There is no way we can see, as he does, Emily Dickinson reading a kind of sermon "like some Christian Blessed Damozel from New England.
this Damozel infatuation I am stupid with disgust at everything and Catholic
For example, in the 1850 Germ version of The Blessed Damozel there are two clusters of questions.
Two years later his "The Blessed Damozel," with six sonnets and four lyrics, was published in The Germ, the Pre-Raphaelite periodical (1850).
His best - known single works are The Blessed Damozel, " Sister Helen, " "Troy Town, " and The House of Life.
Rhywbeth arall am Gweni, a dim byd i wneud hefo'i gwaith celf , ond os oedd unrhywun yn yr ystafell y noson honno fyddai'n gwneud 'muse' ar gyfer fersiwn gyfredol o The Blessed Damozel gan Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Gweni oedd honno.
So not only do you get to stand in front of acknowledged masterpieces like John Gibson's The Tinted Venus, Dante Gabriel Rossetti's The Blessed Damozel and Erich Bumphluff's Nodding Dog Next To Leaky Shoe (alright, made that one up) you also have the chance to buy some eclectic prezzies into the bargain -- everything from jewellery and candles to soft toys and body lotions -- safe in the knowledge that your hard-earned readies are being ploughed straight back into NML.
PORT SUNLIGHT: A series of free "picture of the month" talks starts at the Lady Lever gallery in January with Dante Gabriel Rossetti's The Blessed Damozel.
Upjohn's paintings, Christ in a Bloomsbury Brothel and The Blessed Damozel in Hell (purchased by a man who made a fortune in "intimate rubber goods"), and the official who censored them, one "ever tender for the Purity of Public Morals and the posthumous reputation of our Lord" (CW 121, CF 131).
In the final stanza the damozel weeps into her hands, and the lover on earth hears her.
PORT SUNLIGHT: A series of 'picture of the month' talks starts at the Lady Lever gallery in January with Dante Gabriel Rossetti's The Blessed Damozel.
Though the two poems are similar in that they are interested in evoking a medieval image, where there is an absence of fixed perspective, "The Blessed Damozel" never takes the potentially radical step of allowing what the Damozel views and herself as viewed to come together as one image--a step only possible when the images are juxtaposed, rather than superimposed on top of each other.
Neither a believer nor a contented agnostic, drawn to seances and haunted by images of the grotesque effects of death, Rossetti returns to this theme in such works as "The Blessed Damozel," "The House of Life," "The Question" (revised on his deathbed), and several notebook jottings.
37) Arranged as a horizontally divided diptych, with the sorrowful mother depicted in heaven, yearning for her infant, and the dead child on earth being taken up by an angel, Hughes's illustration recalls the theme of love beyond the grave presented in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting The Blessed Damozel, begun in the same year.