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Synonyms for damning

Synonyms for damning

threatening with damnation


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Key events in the conflict are portrayed in cinematic intimacy, but McNally also provides a brutally frank and damningly well-documented account of the war's sordid background: the faithless greed of white settlers who coveted the Modocs' land, the perfidy of US government officials, and the ingrained bigotry of the encroaching American culture and its doctrine of Manifest Destiny.
They have had a damningly soft centre all season, however, and it cost them again here as they failed to get close enough to Irvine on the edge of the box.
Most recently, a Washington Post analysis damningly depicted the chasm between the earnings of the executives who run the show and the athletes who make it.
Most damningly of all, Chilcot makes clear that Blair promised British support to President Bush in 2001, while Parliament didn't have their say until 2003.
Over the years, Islamabad's diplomacy has been failing her successively as the foreign ministry has not only lacked vision but is also damningly slow in reacting to Delhi's moves.
And, even more damningly, "I believed that such offers were common in this business.
All this should be so damningly hypocritical that everyone sets the leeches on Trump, but that's not the way the news cycle works any more.
Damningly, United have managed just seven shots on target in their last four home games -- also the worst record in the league -- leading to regular chants of "attack, attack, attack" from the Old Trafford crowd.
A superior companion piece to his 2012 documentary, "The Act of Killing," Joshua Oppenheimer's damningly clear-eyed and compassionate second feature about the 1965-66 mass killings in Indonesia offers an essential piece of reportage on a still-unanswered historical outrage.
Most damningly, he responded to a difficult week by dropping Aleksandar Mitrovic and retaining Moussa Sissoko and Fabricio Coloccini.
Damningly, Mecca Daily has reported that Prince Khaled Al Faisal, emir of Makkah and advisor to the custodian, warned Bakr bin Laden, chairman of SBG, about the safety of his equipment just 11 days before the crane collapse at the Grand Mosque.
Most damningly, this is the first it to the English team not to make it to the knockout stages.
And to be damningly fair, the way we develop senior leaders precludes the propensity to voice misgivings in the first place.
Tonnesson questions the level to which Giap's and Ho Chi Minh's hands were at best forced by radical elements within their camp or more damningly a result of a blunder.