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Synonyms for damning

Synonyms for damning

threatening with damnation


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Robertson, such damning is indeed typical of biblical prophetic thought.
Pity her letter was published the day after a damning report from Sheffield Hallam University showing how unemployment figures have been understated since Labour moved the goalposts in 1997.
It's ultimately damning to all, whether saint or sinner.
Unlike myself, working from the comfort of the United States and doing my research online, Salihee was on the ground in Iraq compiling primary data in the form of damning evidence about extra-judicial killings.
The Nonfiction Features sidebar has grown to the point that no fewer than six of the top 15 most popular films at the 2000 festival were documentaries, with three of them -- Audrey Brohy's and Gerard Ungerman's damning look at American involvement in the Gulf War, Hidden Wars of Desert Storm; Kevin McKiernan's damning look at American foreign policy vis-a-vis the Kurdish nation, Good Kurds Bad Kurds: No Friends But the Mountains; and veteran John Pilger's damning look at UN sanctions in Iraq, Paying the Price: The Killing of the Children of Iraq -- representing the kind of political filmmaking that Vancouver audiences eat up.