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Synonyms for damn

not give a damn


  • not care
  • not mind
  • be indifferent
  • not give a hoot
  • not care a jot
  • not give two hoots
  • not care a whit
  • not care a brass farthing
  • not give a tinker's curse or damn

Synonyms for damn

to pronounce judgment against

to invoke evil or injury upon

to use profane or obscene language

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

Synonyms for damn

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AMBITIOUS plans to turn Newcastle into a leading European city have been damned with faint praise after a Government inspection.
He was damned with faint praise when delegates gave him a halfhearted 15-second round of applause.
In an era when Glenn Hoddle was celebrated for landing 50-yard passes on a sixpence, Bolton's raking delivery over a similar range was damned with faint praise as longball optimism.
So France do not deserved to be damned with faint praise for marmalising them.
WHILE their fantastic campaign has been widely acknowledged, Leicester City continue to be damned with faint praise - especially the regular claim the Foxes are only top because all the Dorchester diners from the International Champions Cup cartel have collectively ballsed up.
It might sound as though Ranieri is being damned with faint praise by suggesting that he has done little but oversee a continuation of Nigel Pearson's blueprint from the great escape of last spring.
Damned with faint praise after beating Japan, as their opponents were on a four-day turnaround, but Scotland were good and will win this too.
But, as a coach, he arrived in London damned with faint praise as a disciplinarian whose methods laid a heavy emphasis on fitness and endurance.
He is being damned with faint praise but he is a good addition to the squad.
Yet Lawlor feels his team have been damned with faint praise in many quarters, with some denouncing their season as a fluke, and others patronising his side as a wee club who just raise their game for the bigger teams.
Too often Stoke are damned with faint praise about long balls, long throws and their physical approach, but they are nobody's mugs.
And with Owen in the side, Stoke - often damned with faint praise for being onedimensional - will have to mix it up to get the best out of him.
He is too often damned with faint praise over the way his Everton sides have played, but nobody would deny he has got the t Ev play best out of a limited squad - and Spurs need a manager who will get the best out of a gifted group of players.